LED Lighting Installation & Repair in Charlotte, NC


Lighting 01As the days get shorter and the nights longer, many begin considering the benefits of new lighting installations for their homes or offices. LED lighting makes perfect sense for keeping the dark at bay in the winter months and in far-off summer, offering perfect high-efficiency lighting with a minimum of maintenance no matter the temperature.

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LED Lighting Repair

Are your LED lights not working quite right? Whether you have outages, poor response to digital management solutions, or any other problem, our team can help. We’ll identify the problem and implement a solution as quickly as possible, so you can get back to enjoying a perfectly lit yard in the evening.

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Benefits of Outdoor LED Lighting

There was a time when various technologies were vying to become the new standard for outdoor lighting. It’s now clear that LED lighting provides the best performance and aesthetics. The lamps themselves cost nominally more than halogen, but LED lighting makes the most sense both financially and aesthetically.

  • Highest efficiency outdoor lights
  • Longest life span
  • Attractive color
  • Consistent brightness
  • No overheating your garden or plants
  • Less attractive to insects
  • Wide range of options for size and brightness
  • Available for spotlights, path lights, wash lights, patio lights, and more

Warm, Attractive Landscape Lighting

If you were turned off by LED lights years ago, it’s time to take a fresh look. You’ve probably been admiring homes lit by LED lights without knowing it. Manufacturers have drastically improved the light quality and range of colors that outdoor LEDs can produce!

Hyatt Landscaping consults with our clients to get the aesthetics right. Whether you prefer bright white or a softer yellow color, we’ll find the right products and design your outdoor lighting to produce exactly the effects you want.

Eco-Friendly Lighting in Charlotte

LED landscape lighting is the green way to illuminate your greenery. Each light uses about 25% as many watts as a comparable halogen light, which reduces your energy consumption by the same rate.

Wiring for LED Lighting

As with any outdoor lighting, you’ll need to add low-voltage wiring for your LED lights. Hyatt Landscaping takes care of this process with minimal disruption to your landscaping.

LED lights require less wiring than other types of outdoor lamps, meaning there isn’t an extensive network of buried cables throughout your landscape. If you currently have halogen lights, we can easily retrofit with LEDs and even add more lights without having to increase the amount of wiring.

LED Lamps Are Cost-Effective

Replacing older halogen lamps with LED lamps will reduce your monthly expenses, ultimately paying you back for the cost of the new lamps. Adding new outdoor lighting from scratch? Long life spans and low maintenance make LED lighting less costly to maintain than halogen.

Choose Hyatt Landscaping for LED Landscape Lighting in Charlotte, NC

Hyatt Landscaping provides design and installation services in Charlotte, NC, including the Lake Norman area as well as Matthews, Monroe, and Indian Land, SC.

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LED Lighting Frequently Asked Questions

How much will LED lighting cost to install?

It’s difficult to give a specific price in advance of an initial assessment because every LED lighting installation is different. The lights you want, the locations, materials, etc., all contribute to the final price. If you have a specific budget you want or need to adhere to, make sure you discuss it with our team while coming up with a plan.

Are LED lights energy-efficient?

LED lights are highly efficient in any role, converting electricity to light without wasting much energy as heat. If you need high-efficiency lighting, and don’t require any of the particular advantages of other light types, LED lights are the standout choice.

Is LED lighting safe?

The materials of LED lighting are safe, and the far lower heat generation makes them substantially safer than other traditional lighting solutions. The only concern you might have is heavy exposure to blue light, which can be minimized or eliminated by choosing warmer color lights. They’re also safe for the environment.

When are LED lights the right choice?

LED lights make sense in most typical lighting scenarios. They have a long life span, high efficiency, low risk, are environmentally friendly, work in high or low temperatures, and are extremely versatile.

How long do LED lights last?

LED lights last substantially longer than most other types of lighting, with simple LED bulbs lasting for as long as ten years of regular use. Though not all bulbs will reach that maximum life span, they’ll still substantially outlast traditional lighting.