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Matthews NC Landscaping


Discover our Matthews NC landscaping and lawn services for residential properties.

Our team provides lawn care, landscaping, and design and build services.

Matthews, NC, is a town in Mecklenburg County with a thriving population of more than 29,600. Downtown Matthews is brimming with life, as it is filled with several breweries, cafes, boutiques, and stores. On the outskirts of town, there are several parks where people can go and enjoy nature, like Idlewild Road Park, Squirrel Lake Park, and Purser-Hulsey Park.

Here at Hyatt Landscaping, we strive to maintain the beauty of this community by providing lawn and landscaping services for residential properties in Matthews, NC. Our team can take care of your lawn care, landscaping, and design and build needs!

Our Lawn Care Services Include Fertilization, Weed Control, Lime Treatments & More

Strengthening your lawn takes a lot of work, but we’re here to help you! Our team offers these lawn care services to ensure your turf in Matthews, NC, is healthy and beautiful:

  • Lawn Fertilization: Our team will give your grass multiple applications of nutrient-packed fertilizers to keep it robust and vibrant.
  • Weed Control: We use pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments to prevent and eliminate nutrient-stealing weeds.
  • Lime Treatments: We will apply a lime treatment in the late summer to balance your soil’s pH level.
  • Lawn Disease Control: Our lawn disease control treatments target brown patch and other fungal diseases to maintain your lawn’s health.
  • Grub Control: We offer a preventative grub control treatment to protect your grass from these damaging insects.
  • Armyworm Control: We target armyworms with an effective treatment to keep them from harming your turf.
  • Core Aeration: This service is offered in the fall and involves pulling up plugs of soil from the ground to relieve compaction.
  • Overseeding: We will overseed your turf with a premium blend of grass seeds to increase its density.

Invigorate your landscape's aesthetics with our landscaping services.

matthews nc landscaping

A great way to boost the aesthetic appeal of your property in Matthews, NC, is to maintain your landscape. We can help invigorate it with these landscaping services:

  • Landscape Design: We can create a 2D or 3D design rendering that allows you to see how your transformed landscape will look before installation begins.
  • Plantings & Softscapes: Our team can install and renovate landscape beds to freshen up the appearance of your property.
  • Landscape Lighting: We will brighten up your property at night by installing low-voltage LED lights.
  • New Lawn Seeding: We can help establish your lawn from scratch via seeds.
  • Sod Installation: If you want a green lawn in no time, we can install sod on your property in Matthews.
  • Irrigation Installation: Our team can install an irrigation system to keep your lawn and plants well-watered throughout the growing season.

We can install various drainage solutions, like French drains, catch basins, pumps, and more, to redirect water away from your home.

Achieve the outdoor living space of your dreams with our design and build services.

Matthews NC Hardscapes

A stellar outdoor living space allows you to enjoy the beautiful weather here in Matthews, NC. At Hyatt Landscaping, we offer design and build services to help you achieve your dream outdoor space.

  • Patios: A patio is a good foundation for your outdoor living space, and we can build one for you using durable materials like concrete pavers and natural stone.
  • Walkways: We can install a custom walkway to make moving around your property safer and easier.
  • Driveways: Our custom driveways are made with stunning and hardwearing materials that can boost your property’s curb appeal.
  • Outdoor Steps: We use solid materials like stones and blocks to build outdoor steps.
  • Retaining Walls: We can build a retaining wall to flatten slopes on your property and give you more usable space.
  • Seating Walls: We can install a seating wall to provide durable, built-in seating for your outdoor living space.
  • Fire Features: Our team can install fire pits and outdoor fireplaces using kits or a custom design.
  • Outdoor Kitchens: We can install a kit-built or custom outdoor kitchen with different amenities, like pizza ovens, fridges, flat-top grills, and more.
  • Water Features: Enhance the ambiance of your outdoor living area with a water feature.

Give us a call today to sign up for our lawn and landscaping services.

Our team at Hyatt Landscaping proudly offers top-tier lawn and landscaping services to residential properties in Matthews, NC. Since 1980, we have consistently delivered exceptional results to our clients, and we remain committed to providing high-quality services for you. Call us today at (704) 888-5390 to sign up for any of our services.

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