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Walls, Walkways & Steps

No landscape is complete without properly handling transitions between usable spaces.

Walls, Walkways and Steps allow safe and enjoyable transitions throughout your landscape.

Allow us to assist you in creating the perfect transitions for your landscape.

When it comes to designing your landscape, there are a few hardscaping features that you can’t do without. No yard is going to be functional without adequate paths and walkways to guide you around.  Changes in grade or elevations can be smoothed out with the proper use of Retaining Walls and Steps.  Other walls may be more decorative or functional in nature, creating a nice place to sit or by drawing a border between turf and natural areas. Here at Hyatt Landscaping, we can help design functional and aesthetically pleasing walls and walkways throughout your Charlotte area landscape.

Building Walls on Your Charlotte Landscape

Adding walls to your landscape can be beneficial in a number of different ways.

  • Border Walls are typically smaller in nature and can be used to define a space or border different types of materials.  These have a functional role, of course, but they provide more of an aesthetic interest to your landscape.
  • Retaining Walls can vary greatly in size, but always perform a necessary duty in the usability of your landscape.  By both holding back soil above the wall and allowing you to cut the grade below the wall, you’re able to define not only the usable space, but make it much more level and able to be enjoyed.  Some Retaining Walls are crucial for creating safe, usable spaces for walkways, patios, pools and lawn.
  • Seat Walls can also create needed reatinage, but are built at a certain height to allow seating from one or both sides.  Many times built in conjunction with a patio or fire pit, seat walls have become very popular due to the fact that they provide a permanent function without the need for lawn furniture.
  • Columns can be strategically designed to bookend walls or entryways to add another level of vertical structure to the design.  These columns are often used to house lights and can provide a nice contrast to a functional wall.

There are lots of ways to construct walls, whether it’s out of concrete blocks (like Belgard or Techo-Bloc), masonry brick or natural stone. The material you use can help complement other elements of your landscape or architectural aspects of your home.

Building Walkways and Steps on Your Property in Charlotte

Walkways: All properties can benefit from walkways. Intentionally placed and properly installed paths can limit risk of tripping hazards while traversing from one areas to another.  They guide friends and family through your property, limiting damage to fragile plantings or turf areas, while also keeping mulch, dirt and mud off their shoes. This means that you will at the very least want a walkway leading from your front door to your driveway or to the sidewalk.

If you have a backdoor or side door, you may want a walkway that circles around your home. Designing paths throughout your landscape also beneficial if you have different elements, such as a firepit, an outdoor building, or a patio. Walkways can add a distinct visual flavor to your landscape as well depending on what materials you use. Some commonly used materials include stone, brick, concrete, and gravel. You can even implement a variety of design techniques by combining complimentary materials and patterns.

Steps are another very important feature to include in any landscape where transitions happen between hardscape elevations or grade changes.  No property is completely flat, nor should it be!  Properly placed steps can add a significant amount of safety, while still allowing the outdoor spaces to remain connected.

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