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Core Aeration


Core Aeration Service In & Around Charlotte, NC

We offer our core aeration service for Fescue in the fall and Warm Season grass in the spring!

If your lawn is struggling to grow healthy, robust grass, it could be because your soil is compacted. Fortunately, our team at Hyatt Landscaping can help remedy this with our core aeration service! When you schedule this service, we will carefully aerate your lawn to loosen compacted soil and help the roots of your grass access the nutrients that they need to thrive. Warm Season lawns can benefit from this amazing service in the spring of the year, just before growing season. We offer this service for Fescue lawns in the fall, as this is the time of the year when cool season grass is most active. What’s more, we also offer an overseeding service for Fescue lawns that can be scheduled at the time of aeration to help give you a dense, lush lawn.

We offer our core aeration service to residential properties in and around Charlotte, NC, including Matthews, Mint Hill and Weddington. Give us a call today at (704) 888-5390 to schedule this service.

Our Core Aeration Process

At Hyatt Landscaping, we follow a thorough process to ensure we deliver top-quality results with our core aeration service. When you sign up for this service, we will pass over your lawn with our heavy-duty commercial grade aerator. This machine will pull thousands of small cores of soil from your lawn to loosen compacted soil and to create channels that nutrients and resources like sunlight, water, and air can use to reach the roots of your grass. By following our thorough process, you can rest easy knowing that our service will provide its intended benefits.

When do we offer our core aeration service?

We offer our core aeration service in the fall for Fescue lawns, typically during the months of September and October, because the cooler weather conditions make it ideal for your lawn. This service can be rather stressful on your lawn, so you’ll want to make sure your turf is strong enough to endure the process. During the fall, your cool season grass will be at its strongest, so it can endure this invasive process and will have enough time to fully recover before the winter season arrives.  Warm Season lawn aerations are performed in the spring or early summer, just before the growing season.

Combine Core Aeration With Our Overseeding Service for Best Results

While core aeration alone will benefit your Fescue lawn, you can get even better results by combining it with our overseeding service. Overseeding involves spreading grass seed across your lawn to increase the density of your turf and fill in any bare or patchy areas with new grass. This service should be combined with aeration because the seeds will be able to fall into the holes that were created during the aeration process, giving them excellent seed-to-soil contact and increasing their chances of successfully germinating.

We've been serving local property owners in and around Charlotte, NC for 44 years!

Give Us a Call Today to Schedule Our Core Aeration Service

If you’re looking to give your lawn access to the nutrients and resources it needs to flourish, you’ll want to schedule our core aeration service. For Fescue lawns, we offer this service in the fall, as this is the time of the year when your lawn will be best equipped to handle this process. You can also combine this service with our overseeding service to increase the density of your lawn.

We offer our core aeration service to homeowners in Charlotte, NC, including Matthews, Mint Hill, & Weddington. Give us a call today at (704) 888-5390 to schedule our core aeration service. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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