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Charlotte Landscape Drainage

Without proper drainage, your home and landscape can suffer greatly.

Enhance your outdoor space with expert Charlotte landscape drainage solutions.

We offer a variety of drainage services to suit any need.

charlotte landscape drainage

Drainage issues are very common in and around the Charlotte area. Without proper drainage, your home and landscape can suffer greatly. Along with our highly trained staff, we work with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the right solutions.

Drainage Services in Charlotte

Problems can arise immediately, but sometimes the results of improper drainage in Charlotte may not become apparent until years later. Water standing around your foundation can cause serious problems to your home, and wet areas in your yard can cause significant landscape malnutrition resulting in loss of plants, trees, and turf. Furthermore, walking, sitting, driving, and playing on the land around your home is enough reason to have proper drainage around your home.

For drainage services in Charlotte, call Hyatt Landscaping at (704) 888-5390 or contact us online.  

charlotte landscape drainage

Charlotte Yard and Landscape Drainage

For years our staff has worked closely with many builders, developers, and homeowners resulting in an enormous amount of knowledge and experience in this area. Along with our highly trained, highly qualified staff, we work with state-of-the-art equipment to make sure our solutions are based on accurate measurements. With the increase in technology, the needs of your property become clear when laser transit levels are used to determine elevation changes of slopes, swales, and other important surfaces.

Solutions to Drainage Problems

Although improper draining is problematic, the experts at Hyatt Landscaping have a range of solutions for your drainage system, including:

  • Proper grading – If surface drainage is possible, grading is often the least expensive and most effective solution for correcting an area with poor drainage.
  • Catch basins – Catch basins are simply a reservoir for collecting surface drainage or runoff. Anytime your source of water is above ground, a catch basin can collect the water so that it can be piped away underground. Basins are used primarily when grading is either not possible or when it would create an undesired/unusable space.
  • French drains – Often misused and certainly overused, French drains in the landscape are primarily needed to collect water that’s underground, seeping to the surface. They can also be very effective when placed along a foundation or crawl space to allow an escape for excessive moisture under and around the home. French drains use a combination of perforated pipe and gravel to capture the water, which can then be piped away.
  • Sump pumps – Typically seen in basements and crawl spaces, sump pumps are sometimes the only way to remove unwanted water from a location. In a crawl space, when water drains to a low point, there has to be an even lower point outside if you’re going to be able to pipe the water away. If there’s not, you have to pump it “uphill” to get rid of it. Occasionally, we run into similar situations within the landscape where there’s nowhere for the water to go. For these situations, a sump pump is the only option.

Choose Hyatt Landscaping to solve your improper draining problem in and around Charlotte. Call (704) 888-5390 or contact us online! 

Causes of Improper Yard Drainage in Charlotte

When it comes to improper draining around your home, there could be several reasons it’s occurring. Such possibilities include:

  • Improper grading – One of the most common mistakes contractors make is not providing enough change in elevation to allow for surface drainage. Proper grading goes hand-in-hand with drainage solutions.
  • Settling – Sinkholes and settling create areas that don’t drain off. Settling itself can be a result of poor subsurface compaction, soil type, or buried debris/roots decomposing. Sometimes filling in a sinkhole without determining the problem will put you right back where you started.
  • Constant water source – An area that has a constant source of water will continue to be an issue even if surface drainage is adequate. Underground springs are more common than most people realize, and when the water table is high, they can be very persistent in your yard, crawl space, and more. Your air conditioner’s condensation line is another common source of water, especially during the warmer months due to its continuous activity.
  • Inadequate drain system – Some drain systems prove to be inadequate over time for many reasons. Sometimes they get stopped up, clogged, crushed, or buried. Other times the size, location or even type of system that was originally installed was not sufficient to handle the need.
  • Fixed elevations – When working around structures, driveways, sidewalks, and roads, there are always limitations for where water can drain.

No matter what the cause of your improper draining is, we can help! Contact Hyatt Landscaping today!

Contact Us for Drainage Services in Charlotte

As a family-owned landscaping firm serving the Charlotte area for over four decades, we take pride in offering our clients the best. Quality services, dependable workmanship, and reliable solutions that respect our client’s budget—these are a few of the key values that we offer with every service we perform. Whether you need drainage services or you’re looking for a Licensed Landscape Contractor to help you understand what services you need, we’re always happy to help.

Contact Hyatt Landscaping online to find out more, or schedule drainage services online!

Frequently Asked Questions About Drainage Services

Can you make my drainage look nice?

Landscaping design is a key part of who we are, so we know how to keep your new drainage solution from being an eyesore. We may choose different options depending on the aesthetics, and if necessary, work up a landscape design that will obscure anything you find unpleasant to the eye.

Can you fix my old drains or do I need new ones?

It’s going to depend on what’s wrong with your existing drains, whether they would be adequate for your goals even if they were in peak condition, and other factors. Where repairs are possible and adequate, we’ll certainly choose to repair, but it’s important to understand that if the drainage is or was inappropriate to resolve the problem, there’s only so much that can be done without new installations.

How much will it cost?

Drainage costs can vary significantly depending on a number of different factors. Keep in mind that different drainage projects may involve very significant differences in the labor involved, the materials and machinery used, how quickly it can be completed, whether specialty drainage is necessary, etc. We’ll be sure to communicate costs in advance, but we’ll need to figure out what your drainage project will entail before we can do so.

Will new drainage tear up my yard?

We try to minimize the damage to your yard to what is strictly necessary for your new drain lines, and the leave your yard in a state where it will recover quickly. If necessary, we can reseed turf and adjust landscaping for faster, more thorough recovery of your yard.

Is there any risk of hitting my utility lines?

While it’s not impossible, we take every precaution possible to avoid hitting any utility lines, including communicating with utility companies to confirm the location of lines. As long as accurate records have been kept, everything will be fine and we’ll be in and out without any headaches.

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