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Brown Patch Control

We offer Preventative and Curative Brown Patch treatments to relieve your turf of this stress.

Brown Patch and Disease Treatments in and around Charlotte, NC

Our Brown Patch control service includes 5 preventative treatments to limit disease infestation during the spring and summer months.

In a matter of weeks or even days, Brown Patch and other turf diseases can undermine the hard work done over the fall to get your lawn established. Diseases not only look bad, but can severely damage the overall lawn, taking multiple seasons to fully recover.  Hyatt Landscaping offers our preventative disease management program to combat this issue.  Not only do we go after common diseases such as brown patch, but the application also covers a wide array of other diseases commonly found in turf.  We begin treatments well before the fungus and disease become active, continuing throughout the hot, humid summer when favorable conditions exist.

This service is available to residential property owners in the Charlotte, NC area, including Matthews, Mint Hill, and Weddington. Give us a call at (704) 888-5390 to sign up for this service today.

Our Brown Patch control service ensures you're being pro-active against fungus and disease.

Disease can be everywhere, even in your turf. Our disease prevention service offers a way to combat Brown Patch and other diseases from taking over your lawn.  With this service, the product only lasts 14-21 days from the time of application.  This means that we proactively start you on a 5 treatment regimen to allow continual protection throughout the summer.  Dependent upon the weather conditions, more applications may be necessary in the late summer to extend your coverage against an outbreak.

How can you help?

How you maintain and care for your lawn can affect how favorable  the conditions are for fungus and disease to develop. Proper drainage, adequate mowing heights, and a balanced irrigation schedule can help reduce the likelihood of disease to develop in your lawn.

  • Limiting Standing Water caused by poor grading and drainage stay wet longer, which creates the perfect environment for fungus and disease.
  • Consistent Mowing at proper heights for your turf type is crucial to limiting risk of disease.  Tall Fescue should be regularly mowed at around 4″ in height.
  • Watering Early in the morning and limiting how much moisture is present during the humid hours can help tremendously.

In the hot summer months, it is tempting to water your lawn more when it begins to show signs of stress, however it is important not to overwater. Proper mowing and watering techniques are necessary to the preventative aspects of disease control. Whether it be drainage  or irrigation related, too much water can not only harm your turf but increase the disease’s ability to thrive.

Keep your lawn healthy and weed-free by signing up for one of our lawn care programs.

While keeping your property free of Brown Patch Fungus is great, you can do even more for your lawn by signing up for one of our lawn care programs. These programs include multiple weed control and fertilization treatments throughout the year to provide your turf with everything it needs to thrive. Here is a quick breakdown of the lawn care programs we offer:

  • Fescue Turf Care Package – This package includes 2 pre-emergent weed control treatments, a liquid iron treatment, a lime treatment, and multiple fertilization treatments.
  • Fescue Turf Care Premium Package – This package includes everything in our Fescue Turf Care Package as well as preventative grub and armyworm control treatments, lawn disease control treatments, and Poa annua suppression treatments.
  • Warm Season Turf Care Package – This package includes weed control and fertilization treatments that are designed for warm-season turf.

Don't forget, some of our services are available a la carte!

Give us a call today to schedule our Brown Patch control service.

At Hyatt Landscaping, we can help you keep your property free of fungus and disease via our Brown Patch control service, available to residential properties in and around the Charlotte, NC area, including the communities of Matthews, Mint Hill, & Weddington. Call (704) 888-5390 to schedule our Brown Patch control service, as well as our other lawn care services today! We have been offering our premium landscaping services since 1980, and we look forward to serving you and your property soon!

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