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Walkway & Patio Installation Project in Weddington, NC

When our team was contacted by our client in Weddington, NC, they wanted our help improving their outdoor living space. They had a charming yard but nowhere to spend time with others outside or convenient navigation across it. So, we got right to work on changing that with a new patio and walkways. Our first step for this project was to prep the area where these features would go, which involved removing any debris, grass, and weeds before laying down a weed barrier. Then, we installed concrete pavers in a unique pattern to create an aesthetically appealing patio and walkways! Once we finished that, we lined the hardscapes with new plants and mulch to create a cohesive blend of softscape elements. Now, our client has a designated area for gathering and easy access across their property!

The first step of this project was to prep the area where the patio and walkways would go.

The first step of this project was to prep the area where the client wanted their new patio and walkways to go. Our team removed all the grass, weeds, and debris that were in the way before smoothing out the soil to ensure a stable, even foundation. We also marked the outline of where the patio and walkways were going to be placed. Once that was done, we laid down a weed barrier to prevent any growth from disturbing the new additions.

Then, we installed the concrete paver patio and walkways.

Once the area was prepped, it was time to start the installation. For this project, we used concrete pavers for both the patio and walkways. This material is highly durable and low-maintenance, so our client can enjoy their classic beauty for years to come without rigorous upkeep. As our team installed these features, we created a visually appealing pattern with the concrete pavers. We also made sure to lay down the materials with utmost precision to ensure they were spaced correctly and would stand the test of time.

Concrete pavers are ideal materials for patios and walkways on sloped land because they have excellent traction and can reduce slipping accidents.

Our last step for this project was lining the patio and walkways with new plants and mulch.

After we finished installing the concrete paver patio and walkways, our last step for this project was to add the final touches! We wanted to make sure these outdoor living features were in tip-top shape and would blend in seamlessly with our client’s existing landscape. That’s why we cleaned off any debris and lined the patio and walkways with new plants, creating a nice border with a touch of greenery; these plants complement their existing shrubs to create a cohesive, purposeful look. Finally, we spread fresh mulch to protect them from the elements and ensure they thrive.

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If you have a vision for your dream outdoor living space that you want to achieve, our team can help. Here at Hyatt Landscaping, we offer professional outdoor living services to residential properties in Weddington, NC, and other surrounding areas, including Matthews and Mint Hill. From patios and walkways to new plant installations, you can count on our team to make it happen! We have %%yearsinbusiness%% years of experience helping homeowners transform their outdoor living spaces and make them more functional and stylish than ever, and we look forward to working on your property next. Get started by calling us today at (704) 888-5390 to set up a consultation for any of our outdoor living services.

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