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Vibrant landscapes that reflect your personal taste.

When most people think about landscaping design, they’re picturing the beautiful work of tree and shrub installation. All the hard work and creativity that gets poured into your landscape design pays off when you finally get to choose the specific types of trees and shrubs that will look best and thrive around your Charlotte home.

Hyatt Landscaping can help you choose the best trees and plants for your property, and our crews will see to an expert installation that sets everything up to bloom perfectly.

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Tree, Shrub & Hedge Plantings in Charlotte

The last step in any landscape design process is choosing the trees and shrubs. All plants have simply been visualized as having a certain form, texture, color, and size. Choosing from the variety of trees and shrubs available in the local market can be exciting and exhausting at the same time.

We install popular plants, such as ferns, ground covers, flowering bushes, evergreen shrubs, and the many native trees in Charlotte. For landscaping purposes, we can also categorize trees and shrubs by purpose:

  • Privacy Plantings: Living fences created with tall hedges or trees to subtly obscure the view or create privacy.
  • Shade Trees and Flowering Trees: These serve a specific purpose while adding visual intrigue and colorful surroundings to your outdoor space and views.
  • Foundation Plantings: Evergreen plants hide a foundation or crawl space and create a natural design that lasts year-round.
  • Accent Plantings: Here’s your chance to choose your favorite trees and shrubs for variety, color, and pleasant surroundings throughout the yard.

Browse our gallery of trees and shrubs for examples and inspiration!

Considerations for Adding Trees & Shrubs in Charlotte

When considering trees and shrubs for your landscape, we typically start by looking at plants that are native to North Carolina or known to thrive in our hardiness zone (7b or 8a).

Of course, what looks good and takes hold well on a property down the street might not have the same success on your lawn, against the backdrop of your home architecture. Hyatt Landscaping helps you pinpoint the best selections for trees and shrubs for your landscape.

From Waxhaw to Myers Park to Davidson, we’ve planted trees and shrubs of all kinds to put the finishing touches on our landscaping designs across Charlotte. The main considerations include:

  • Your local microclimate
  • Soil pH and conditions
  • Drainage and irrigation concerns
  • Insect and pest issues
  • Upkeep and manicuring needs
  • Spacing and full-grown sizes
  • Best times of year for planting a particular species
  • Current availability of high-quality seedlings and young trees

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Tree & Shrub Installation in Charlotte

At Hyatt Landscaping, our licensed and experienced landscape installation team knows how to produce vibrant landscapes that reflect your personal tastes. Our goal is to find and plant the best trees and shrubs in Charlotte for your particular home, with immediate and lasting good looks.

Planting plans are designed so the intended shrubs will cover an area in 3 to 5 years. Poor plant selection, spacing, or installation can cause maintenance headaches down the road. Our landscapers can provide the design and installation needed so your trees and shrubs can thrive for years to come.

Learn More About Trees & Shrubs in Charlotte

For top-quality tree and shrub installation throughout Charlotte, Hyatt Landscaping is the name to know. In addition to our tree and shrub services, we provide landscaping services, including hardscapes, lighting, irrigation, grading, trees, and shrubs, in Charlotte, Waxhaw, Huntersville, Concord, Cornelius, Davidson, Matthews, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Charlotte Trees & Shrubs

When you’re considering new plantings, as either part of a landscape design or simply to add more features to your landscape, you’ll naturally begin to think about tree and shrub installation. It follows that you would have some questions, too! We’re always happy to answer.

What Are the Differences Between Ornamental Trees and Shrubs?

There are actually many ways to answer this, and the exact definition of what a shrub is differs slightly depending on who you ask. The best overall answer, we find, is that shrubs are:

  • Generally smaller than trees, and often rounded in shape
  • Feature multiple woody stems from the ground, rather than one large trunk
  • Typically no taller than 13 feet in most cases
Can I Plant a New Tree in Place of an Old, Dead Tree?

The answer to this one depends on a few important factors. If the old tree died due to disease, then it’s a good idea to avoid planting new trees in the same spot for a few years in order to give the root system, which may also carry disease, time to decompose. If the tree was professionally removed and healthy at the time of removal, however, you can often get away with new tree installation in the same area. As always, consult with your landscaping company!

How Do I Keep Pests Off of Trees and Shrubs?

One of the simplest, no-cost methods of keeping your plants free of pests is to simply practice good landscape maintenance and lawn care. Clumps of yard waste, excessive grass clippings, and dead plants all serve as shelter for bugs, increasing the chances that you’ll find pests on your trees and shrubs. For more complex infestations, we recommend connecting with a pest control team that specializes in environmentally responsible pest management.

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