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Terms – Turf Care Premium Fescue

Terms – Turf Care Premium Fescue

Welcome to the Hyatt Family!!!

Thank you so much for partnering with Hyatt Landscaping, Inc. to ensure optimum health and beauty for your lawn and landscape. We love building lasting relationships with our clients and look forward to developing a program that best suits your needs. In order to ensure long-term success and meet the transformational goals for your property, we will continue providing the services in an ongoing manner unless otherwise directed.

Hyatt Landscaping, Inc. has been family owned and operated since 1980! For over 40 years, we have provided top-notch landscape services to our community. We exist to enhance the lives of our customers and employees by creating ideal landscape solutions centered around horticultural excellence. We look forward to working with you!

Accepted Forms of Payment: Cash, Check or Online via ACH Bank Transfer with no fees. Credit/Debit Card Payments can be received; however all Credit Card transactions will automatically incur a 3% fee at time of transaction. Debit Card transactions over $1,000.00 will also incur an additional 3% fee, which will be invoiced separately.

***Early termination of 12 month contract will require all completed services to be billed at individual or “à la carte” rates.

***Note: Our standard turf care programs do not include control or suppression for certain diseases, insects or hard-to kill weeds (i.e. Brown Patch Fungus, Grubs & Armyworms, Poa Annua, etc). Due to their seasonal nature, presence of these issues may be difficult to detect during initial analysis. Additional services and treatments may be recommended throughout the course of our treatment program. These additional services will assist in controlling or suppressing known issues as well as provide future preventative measures.

*** Control of other hard-to-kill weeds such as Nutsedge, Kalinga and Virginia Buttonweed may require additional treatments with specialty turf-safe selective herbicides. Use of non-selective weed control measures may be needed to suppress grassy weeds such as undesired Bermuda, Zoysia, Centipede, Poa Trivialis, Mondo, Liriope, Dallis, Goose and Bahia grasses. (Non-selective herbicides will likely affect the health of surrounding desired turf)

Terms & Conditions:

It is our desire to develop a trusted relationship with each of our clients! In order to do so, we are here to answer any questions and respond to any concerns you may have. Your landscape will encounter natural stresses throughout the year due to weather and environmental factors. Remember, we are only there to provide services every 6-8 weeks, so don’t hesitate to reach out when issues arise.

  • Discount applied for Premium Package Upgrade assumes 12 month agreement to be billed monthly upon completion of first treatment. Payments are due upon receipt of invoice. If autopay is enabled, the transaction will be charged right away. Otherwise, please follow the instructions included on the invoice communication to process payment.
  • Early termination of services with Premium Package Discount will require all completed services to be billed at individual or “à la carte” rates.
  • Annual renewals require an additional 12 month commitment to continue receiving the discounted rate.
  • Any account with outstanding payments longer than 30 days are subject to disruption of service and/or cancellation of future services.
  • Price VOID after 30 days of submittal.
  • Price subject to change in future years. Notification will be sent out if price changes take effect.
  • Upon signature, Hyatt Landscaping Inc. will continue service until specified by customer.
  • Adequate control of weeds can take up to 3-5 years to achieve in some circumstances, single applications should never be expected to eradicate weed populations.
  • Our turf care programs do NOT guarantee weed free lawns. Some weeds are more difficult to suppress or control, requiring specialty products and/or non-selective herbicides. If additional services are deemed necessary, we will notify you based on our recommendations.
  • Additional lawn services may include treatments for: Nutsedge, Kalinga, Virginia Buttonweed, Warm Season grass within a Tall Fescue Lawn, Insect and Disease Control.
  • Multiple applications may be completed in the same visit.
  • Inclement weather can affect scheduling. In case of inclement weather, your service day may be moved.
  • Please unlock gates or give us access inside of fenced-in yards. Please put away pets, children’s toys and any objects that can interfere with service prior to arrival.
  • PLEASE NOTIFY us of any landscape enhancements (seeding, grading, etc) prior to treatment as it could affect technicians’ ability to apply treatment.
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