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Let There Be Light! Landscape Lighting in Charlotte NC

I love this time of year! Colorful leaves, carved pumpkins and worried turkeys abound. The sights and sounds of Christmas are starting to pop up all around us. The heat of the summer is behind us and the shorter days can make for a much more relaxing schedule. The only problem is, you have a beautiful home and landscape that is in the dark a majority of the time you’re there! Landscape Lighting can help you safely enjoy your most valuable asset, while allowing you to take advantage of and appreciate your landscape whenever you want.


Have you ever had to stop and wait for your eyes to adjust before walking around the corner of your home at night? Does pulling up a dark driveway in the evening make you wish you had at least left a porch light on? Properly designed and installed low voltage lighting systems can change the entire feel of your property. Well lit pathways, steps and parking areas can allow for much safer transitions as you walk around your home. In addition to physical safety, shedding light on your home and landscape is sure to increase the security of your property. Nothing adds more safety and security than light!


Your home is your most valuable asset. With today’s busy schedules, it’s not uncommon for families to leave their home early and get home late. This time of year, that means you’re not able to visibly enjoy the place you spend countless hours every week working to pay for. Some of you may even spend your weekends working in the yard, only to see the sun go down on such a beautiful landscape. Landscape lighting could be the answer you’ve been looking for. Call us today for a professionally designed low voltage lighting system.


In addition to visibly enjoying your home and landscape, many special fixtures are designed to increase the usability of the spaces they light up. For instance, path lights can provide a soft, subtle light to a patio or fire pit that allows you to enjoy spending countless hours outside well into the evening hours. Certain step lights and wall lights can provide an inviting atmosphere that welcomes you, your family and friends to kick back, relax and stay awhile. Regardless of why you choose to install landscape lighting at your home, the benefits will be enjoyed for years to come. With the technological advancements of LED lamps, our systems are practically maintenance free! Contact us NOW for a free consultation and let’s shed some light on your beautiful home and landscape!

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