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Landscaping & Walkway Installation Project in Matthews, NC

When our client in Matthews, NC, reached out to us, they wanted to upgrade their property’s front yard and boost its curb appeal. While they had a beautiful lawn, it started to slope downwards at the road and didn’t have much purpose. Fortunately, our team knew what to do, and the first step of this project was to install a retaining wall and landscape bed in front of it. They also wanted to add a softscape bed closer to their house, which we filled with beautiful, vibrant plants and flowers. Then, we finished this project by constructing a flagstone walkway that leads to their front door from their lawn, creating a seamless transition.

First, we constructed a retaining wall and installed a landscape bed at the front of their property.

Our team’s first order of business for this project was to construct a retaining wall at the front of the property where it began to slope. We graded the land to prepare the foundation and ensure the structural integrity of the feature. After that, we started the construction of the retaining wall using top-quality materials, which complements our client’s brick home.

Once the retaining wall was finished, our team proceeded to install a landscape bed in front of it. Then, we edged it with light-colored rocks and stones to highlight its shape and length while also helping to direct water into the catch basin. Next, we added flowers, plants, and brown mulch. With this portion of this landscaping project complete, they now have enhanced function and curb appeal at the front of their house!

Then, we installed a landscape bed with different kinds of plants up near the house.

The next step of this project was to install a landscape bed near the house. Since it sits underneath the downspout, our team installed drainage pipes in the ground that connect to it to divert water away. Once that was complete, we added different kinds of plants and flowers to the landscape bed to give their property a boost of vibrant colors.

Some common drainage solutions we can install to remedy flooding problems are French drains, catch basins, and dry creek beds.

Our last step of this project was to install a flagstone walkway that leads to their front door.

The last step of this project was to install the flagstone walkway that would lead to their front door. This process involved planning out the area and determining where the flagstone slabs would go. Then, we removed the grass and dug a few inches into the soil to ensure the slabs would be level with the rest of the lawn.

Once we were done with the site preparation, our team spread gravel to form a base for the walkway and carefully laid the flagstone slabs. Every slab is unique, making our client’s flagstone walkway one of a kind! After placing all the materials, it was time for the finishing touches. We laid sod around the walkway where the grass was torn up so that everything looks great and seamless. Additionally, we hosed down the slabs to clear away any soil and debris.

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