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Landscaping, Walkway & Dry Creek Bed Installation in Matthews, NC

Our client in Matthews, NC, contacted us because they wanted to revamp their outdoor living space. They had drainage issues and two patios that weren’t connected, so we sat down with them to discuss their vision and options for achieving it. Once we hammered out the details, we got right to work. The first step of this project was to install a dry creek bed on their property to help remedy their water retention problems while also serving as an aesthetic focal point. Then, we built a flagstone walkway that connected our client’s two patios to make moving between them easier. After that, it was time to add a landscape bed in the front of their house, which we filled with mulch, shrubs, small flowers, and lighting. Now, they have a more functional and purposeful look to their outdoor space!

First, we installed a dry creek bed to help with drainage issues.

The first step of this project was to install a dry creek bed on their property, as our client was having drainage issues. To do this successfully, we marked out the path where it would go. The goal for this dry creek bed was to create a drainage solution that looks natural, so we made sure to create curves and bends while following the slope of the property to ensure water flows down and away. Once we did that, we dug out the trench and removed any debris and grass.

Then, we laid down a landscape fabric to help prevent weeds from growing. Once we finished all these steps, it was time to place the rocks. We filled it with varying-sized rocks to give it an appealing, natural appearance of a creek bed. That way, it serves both functional and aesthetic purposes!

Then, our team installed a flagstone walkway to connect their two patios.

After completing the dry creek bed, we moved on to the next step of this project: creating a flagstone walkway. Our client had two patios on their residential property and wanted to connect them to make it easier to move between. So, we started the construction by outlining the path of where it would go and preparing the site. Then, we installed the slabs of flagstone to give the walkway a more natural, rustic appearance that blends in seamlessly with the rest of their outdoor space.

Finally, we added a landscape bed with brown mulch, shrubs, and small flowers.

For the final step of this project, our team installed a landscape bed in front of their house. Our client has an existing brick walkway in front, so we placed the landscape bed at the bend to help elevate its curb appeal. We also filled it with small, vibrant flowers and shrubs to add a splash of color to their property. Then, we spread brown mulch to keep the plants protected from harsh conditions and make their beauty stand out even more. As a finishing touch, we added some landscape lighting to the softscape bed to illuminate it at night while helping to increase safety on our client’s property!

We use low-voltage LED landscape lighting that is long-lasting and energy-efficient!

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Here at Hyatt Landscaping, we take pride in helping homeowners in Matthews, NC, and surrounding communities like Mint Hill and Weddington take their properties to the next level with our landscaping and outdoor living services. From installing landscape beds and constructing walkways and other hardscape features to setting up effective drainage solutions, we can do it all for you! Our experts have been providing our services since 1980, and we know what it takes to deliver results that’ll exceed your expectations. Call us today at (704) 888-5390 to sign up for any of our landscaping and outdoor living services.

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