Landscape Design in Waxhaw, North Carolina

Every home is unique in its own way; however, the house itself is only the beginning of what makes your property unique. Your landscape plays an important part as well. At Hyatt Landscaping, we are committed to helping you create a landscape design that will complement the architecture of your house, add visual appeal to your property, expand your living spaces, and much more. Every landscape design we create is customized to fit the needs, wants, and budget of each one of our clients.

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Our Landscape Design Process

Although our process varies a bit from project to project based on scope and size, we generally follow these steps:

  • Consultation – The consultation is the first and most important step. We will sit down with our client and talk to them about what they want out of their landscape design. While at the client’s home, we will collect some basic information about the property so that we can contribute more to the discussion. This includes everything from the topography of the property to the soil types, as well as existing vegetation.
  • Analysis – We will perform a thorough site analysis so that we can create a base map that shows where everything is, from existing structures to walkways and plantings.
  • Preliminary design – Using everything that we talked about during the consultation along with the base map obtained through our site analysis, we will create a preliminary design. The client will then be able to review this design and make revisions if needed before signing off. It’s during this stage that we will typically provide an estimate for the final cost.
  • Final design – Once our client has approved our final design, we will provide our installation crew with a detailed plan that includes everything from material specifications and plant list to legends and perspective images.

If your landscape design is a smaller project, a conceptual landscape design may be all you need. However, if you have a larger property and you’re planning a more extensive landscape design, it may take a bit longer.

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Choosing the Right Waxhaw Landscape Designer

Here at Hyatt Landscaping, we have more than 35 years of experience. We have built an exceptional reputation as one of the premier landscape contractors in the Waxhaw area. Our team consists of licensed landscape contractors, certified plant professionals, and licensed irrigation contractors, all of whom are highly trained and experienced. Take a look at our work by checking out our design gallery.

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