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3 Types of Flowers that Grow Well in North Carolina

If you want to decorate your back garden with some of the most beautiful and exotic flowers in town, you first need to learn what type of flowers grow really well in your area. If you plant flowers that are not suitable for the area, they might not blossom properly and eventually disappoint you to some extent. Here are three flowers you can grow in your North Carolina garden specifically:

Red Hibiscus

Bright, large and strikingly beautiful, the Red Hibiscus is an ideal flower to add to your garden. Due to its bright color and large petals, the Hibiscus looks amazing. The flower needs to be planted in moist soil and blooms in mid and late summer. You can plant the flower using seeds which can be easily found in the market. For blooming, the flowers need full sun exposure, which makes them an ideal choice for outdoor gardens.


Sunflowers are tall, bright yellow, captivating beauties that can make your garden look amazingly exotic. You can plant the flower divisions, cutting or seeds whenever available. In order to keep the flowers growing well, you need to plant them in moist soil and provide full sunlight for most of the day while providing slight shade at times. Sunflowers usually start blooming in late summer and stay until fall, making your garden look beautiful and lush.


Colorful, beautiful and pleasant-looking, Marigold can be a perfect addition to your blooming garden. Marigold comes in several beautiful and striking colors, including orange, gold, yellow and reddish-brown, all of which look equally wonderful. The flowers grow in moist soil, but they can also tolerate slight drought. It requires full exposure to the sun and usually blooms through late spring to fall. Marigold can add a burst of colors to your garden, complimenting well the green and lush surroundings.

For North Carolina, all these flowers are ideal since they bloom well in its climate. You can choose one or all of them for your garden without a doubt! Ready to transform your outdoor living area? Let Hyatt Landscaping help! We have over 30 years experience helping homeowners and business owners create beautiful outdoor spaces. Click here for a free consultation or call us today!

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