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Best Tips for Landscaping in Huntersville NC

So, you have a home in Huntersville NC that needs some landscaping, but you don’t know where to start. Here are 3 of our best tips for landscaping at your home in Huntersville NC. We are landscaping professionals in the Charlotte NC and surrounding areas and can give you excellent tips on improving the look of your outdoor area.

Landscaping Tip 1: Think “Curb Appeal”

Landscaping can change a plain backyard or front yard into paradise, it all just depends on what you do and where. When you start to plan for your new landscaping project, you need to think about the future of your home. Will you be selling your home in a year, two years, or even five years or more? Landscaping is truly one home improvement that will appreciate (and grow) over time. A study done at Michigan State University discovered that depending on where the house is located, high-quality landscaping can add 5 % – 11 % to its selling price.

Landscaping Tip 2: Choose the Plants and Flowers That You “Can” and Will Maintain

If you work most the time and will not have time to maintenance your yard, you need to stick to flowers or plants in your landscape design that will be easier to manage or even “low maintenance”. Always take into consideration how much time you may need to spend weeding, splitting flowers or other maintenance that may be involved with the plants you choose with your landscape design. (Need help designing a landscape suitable for your home and needs? Call us at 704-888-5390 to get started.)

Landscaping Tip 3: Light Up Your Yard

There are many benefits of landscape lighting. It is not only one of the hottest landscaping design trends in the Huntersville NC area right now, but it also provides safety, additional curb appeal and is very cost effective. Landscape lighting has proven to be one of the top outdoor methods to deter residential crime. Landscape lighting also will provide you the ability to get full use out of your garden or yard.

We have been providing excellent landscape services and landscaping design in Huntersville NC and surrounding areas for over 30 years. If you are frustrated with your current landscape and are ready for a change, call us at 704-888-5390. We can provide you the best and most attractive outdoor living area with landscape design, landscape lighting, retaining walls, irrigation and more.

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