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Backyard Landscaping Project in Mint Hill, NC

Our team accomplished a beautiful backyard landscaping project for our client in Mint Hill, NC. They wanted to transform their backyard and give it some life but were having trouble with it being on a slope. So, we got to work on helping them out with that! The first step for this project was to build a retaining wall in their backyard to create flat, usable space and help with drainage. Then, we made sure to put that space to good use by adding a raised planter bed with small plants. Next, we added two landscape beds, one in front of their porch and one on the side of their back patio. Once all these were done, our last step was to add the finishing touches, like the edging around the landscape beds and replacing the grass that was torn up during construction with sod.

For this landscaping project, we built a retaining wall to maximize the space in the backyard.

Retaining Wall With Small Green Shrubs

The first step for this landscaping project was to build a retaining wall in their backyard. Our client’s backyard was sloped, but the retaining wall leveled it out to allow them to maximize that now flat, usable space. Not only that, but this addition assists with drainage issues, so they don’t have to worry about water pooling in their yard!

We used top-quality pavestones to construct the retaining wall, as this type of material is known for its durability and timeless aesthetic. With the retaining wall finished, we added a raised planter bed to create a nice focal point in their backyard. To make this feature stand out even more and give it a nice, fresh look, we also installed small trees and shrubs.

We added a variety of small and large rocks on one side of our client’s retaining wall to further enhance drainage!

The next step was to add landscape beds in front of their porch and on the side of their back patio.

The next step of this project was to add two landscape beds to their property, one in front of their porch and another on the side of their back patio. For the softscape in the front, we designed its shape to fit between their walkway and the edge of the house. Meanwhile, the one on the side is small enough to accommodate that area perfectly. Then, our crew filled these landscape beds with a touch of greenery through small trees and shrubs. These new additions enhance their overall aesthetic and create a purposeful look!

The last step of this landscaping project was to add some finishing touches.

Front Porch With Grass And Shrubs

The last step of this project was to add the finishing touches to their landscape beds to ensure no detail was left out. So, we installed edging around the one in front of their porch to define its shape and create a distinct separation between it and the lawn. Additionally, we placed sod in areas where the grass got torn up during construction to return it to its former glory. Now, our clients have more useful space in their backyard and landscape beds that enhance the overall aesthetic of their property!

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Here at Hyatt Landscaping, we help residential property owners in Mint Hill, NC, and other nearby areas, including Matthews and Weddington, upgrade the aesthetics of their properties via our landscaping services. Our crew can install retaining walls, landscape beds, and many more to refresh the appearance of your outdoor space.

We are your go-to company for your landscaping needs! During our construction process, we make sure to pay unparalleled attention to detail to give you excellent results for your property. Call us today at (704) 888-5390 to sign up for our landscaping and outdoor living services.

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