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3 Types of Edible Plants that Grow Well in Summer

If you’re living in Charlotte, NC, there is almost no plant that you shouldn’t grow. NC is home to an extremely productive soil and environment that allows most plants to grow. However, if you’re looking to plant something easy that will definitely bloom in the sultry summers, being a bit selective can be quite beneficial for you.

Here are three edible plants that fare exceptionally well in the summer time in Charlotte NC areas:


Corn fresh from the garden is one of the tastiest vegetables to have on your dinner table. Planting corn, however, requires your attention and a big planting space. Corn stalks should always be planted close to each other, ideally a foot apart since it relies on wind for pollination. Planting them far apart from each other can reduce the chances of pollination, therefore reducing the output. Another thing to remember is that corn needs constant watering since it isn’t a deep-rooted plant, especially when the weather gets dry.


Squash usually grows quite well in rich, well-drained soil but it should be planted directly into the soil. The main thing is to prepare the soil before planting squash using compost and fertilizers; the rest is easy. Squash grows well naturally without you having to make much effort. If you want the best results, you should always pick the fruit when it’s young and soft. If you leave the squash on the vine for too long, it will result in larger fruits with tough skin, which should be taken off to make space for new growth.


Planting tomatoes is never a bad idea since it’s one of the most used fruits in every household. In summer, tomatoes grow really well but they should be planted at least five or six weeks before spring frost. Initially, tomatoes need to be planted indoors and then, when the night temperature settles above 50 degrees Fahrenheit, they have to be moved outside. When moved outside, tomatoes should be exposed to eight hours of sun at the most while stakes should be used to support their growth. For better fruiting, you should always plant tomatoes deep in the soil.

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