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3 Most Popular Residential Flowers or Plants in Charlotte NC

Charlotte NC is known for its breath taking beauty and its role in the economic growth of the state as a whole. It maintains the old Southern charm quite nicely, and is only within a few miles of the Center city’s most stunning sky scrapers. The flower gardens in this city as also quite a sight to look at and you may find several interesting species at the botanical gardens placed strategically in many locations around the city. Some of the most popular flower species from Charlotte, NC are listed below:

Wildflowers at UNC Charlotte Botanical Gardens – UNC translates to University of North Carolina, where the botanical gardens hold the most variety in flowers and plants in the whole state. Being quite a huge campus with a lot of botany centric programs, the gardens are very well kept and a large variety in specimens. There are native species as well as non native, but the prized flowers in the UNC Charlotte botanical Gardens are the wildflowers. The gardens are based over ten acres of land and have a very well maintained greenhouse that is visited not just by University students but botany enthusiasts everywhere.

Azaleas at Wing Haven Gardens and Bird Sanctuary – This is located in the Myers Park neighborhood and originated through Elizabeth and Edwin Clarkson in 1927. Since then, these gardens have been elegantly maintained and have had quite the upkeep as well as visits from botany enthusiasts around the world. These gardens also offer a bird sanctuary and are based on 10 acres of land with the front garden containing some of the most decadent species of flowers and plants one is ever likely to come across. The crown jewel of these gardens however is the Azaleas, which are placed throughout the entire garden and compliment the lush green with their bright colors.

Roses at the Mcgill Rose Garden – Since Charlotte is an industrial city, finding a beautiful rose garden in the middle of an industrial cofrridor should not be surprising at all. The McGill Rose Garden has been around since 1967 and has been created by Henry McGill. There are more than 200 varieties of roses in the garden and it has been well maintained and beautifully decorated for spring flower shows which occur every year.

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