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3 Great Ideas for Beautiful Outdoor Landscaping | Charlotte NC

A great way to improve the exterior appearance of your home is to add landscaping. It not only adds value to the home, it also creates a modern appeal. Hyatt Landscaping provides a variety of options to help you create an attractive outdoor living area. Here are just a few services this local Charlotte landscaping company offers:

Retaining Walls

A beautiful landscaping option is adding a retaining wall. In some cases, a yard must have a retaining walls to prevent erosion. Retaining walls are relatively low and and are not intended to limit access to other areas; this feature is sometimes used as a landscaping accent. Installing a retaining wall to beautify a landscape is a great way to define or divide space.

Retaining walls have an exceptionally elegant look and feel. The stone used for the wall comes in a variety of colors and gives it a unique appearance. A double retaining wall can sustain additional greenery such as flowers to add a lively touch.

Water Features

Another hardscape option to revive outdoor landscaping is creating a water feature. Water features range in size and instantly give your home a refined appearance. The sights and sounds of running water in a natural environment evoke relaxation. A water feature can be arranged almost anywhere in a yard including corners and side-spaces. Placing this feature in center of a yard generates an elegant focal point in the landscape. The landscaping design experts at Hyatt Landscaping can help you choose where your outdoor area can benefit from a water feature. Use the form on the right to contact us today for a consultation.


One of the most important aspects of landscaping is laying a sturdy pathway to walk on. After all, you would not want your visitors to tread on the lush, green grass you work so hard to maintain. There are many types of walkways that can be installed including many types of stone and concrete.

If you would like to enhance your outdoor living area with walkways that make your yard more accessible, contact Hyatt Landscaping. For over 30 years, Hyatt Landscaping has been creating beautiful outdoor landscaping throughout Charlotte, North Carolina. Use the form on the right to contact them today.

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