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2 Ways Retaining Walls Help Your Landscaping

Retaining walls have become a popular addition to many landscaping projects, and for good reason! When an unwanted slope keeps you from being able to manage or utilize portions of your yard, a retaining wall may be the perfect solution. Many Charlotte NC homeowners have been taking advantage of the benefits that retaining walls provide.

Here are 2 great reasons retaining walls can benefit your landscape:

Manage the Unmanageable

Retaining walls are sometimes the only way to make an area more manageable. Steep slopes can make turf areas impossible and dangerous to mow! To get around this, some people choose to transform these areas into planting beds, though you have to consider whether soil and mulch will stay in place during a heavy rain. This erosion not only keeps your planting area from looking and functioning as it should, but it can make one heck of a mess downhill. Either of the instances above can be corrected with the use of properly designed retaining walls.

Usable Space

Take advantage of your entire property! You know what they say, land is the only thing they’re not making more of. Whether you have a very small back yard or you live on an estate with many acres, the area directly around your home is priceless. As you step outside your door, you should feel as though you’ve entered into an extension of your home. If drainage swales, steep hills and unlevel ground are keeping you from experiencing that, consider installing a retaining wall! If done properly you’ll add value to your home and increase the aesthetic appeal of your property all while allowing you to use more of your precious landscape!

Feel free to call us here at Hyatt Landscaping if you are considering a retaining wall for your property. As Landscaping and Landscape Design specialists, we can help create an attractive outdoor living area for your home or business. Retaining walls look beautiful and can help you make the most out of your yard. Call us today or use the form on the right for a free estimate.

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