Outdoor Living – Hardscapes

outdoor fireplaceHardscaping is a term used to describe permanent structural design elements in the landscape. Some examples of Hardscapes include patios, decks, walkways, retaining walls, decks, arbors and water features. Utilizing Hardscapes to enhance your outdoor living spaces will add functionality and aesthetic value to your home or business. Retaining Walls Retaining walls are great ways to create instant visual effect in your landscape. This type of hardscape provides the opportunity to effectively define outdoor spaces, create architectural interest year-round, provide a great backdrop for plantings and allow you to manipulate existing grades into usable outdoor spaces.  Retaining walls are often the best solution to maximize the potential of areas with unacceptable slopes or variable grades.  The available ranges of scale, color, texture and style provide an array options sure to meet your architectural and design needs. Patios & WalkwaysPatios & Walkways Patios and walkways allow you to add square footage to your home’s floor plan without having to build on an addition. They link your landscape to your home and provide additional living, cooking, eating and entertainment spaces. Your architectural and design needs are sure to be met with the vast array of colors, textures, sizes and styles available. Water Feature Water Features Water is a powerful tool of landscape design and can greatly affect the overall perception of your landscape. More than any other single design element, water features can add character and sophistication to your outdoor living spaces. Whether you’re inside our out, the dynamic affects of sound and motion can provide a relaxing and inspiring atmosphere.