Warm-Season Grass

Turf 02Warm-Season grasses are not as common in Charlotte, but their popularity is increasing by the day. It’s easy to spot a warm-season lawn in the winter because it’s completely brown. This turns some people away, but if you have a healthy lawn, it can actually be quite inviting. Many golf courses use warm season grasses due to their short growth habits, fine textures and durability. Usually it’s more of a personal preference as to whether someone chooses a warm-season or cool-season grass, although watering requirements and overall maintenance are often sited as deciding factors. The truth is, no turf is maintenance free and all turf requires water to thrive. In fact, some warm-season grasses have very high water requirements to stay healthy, though they will often live with much less. See the different types of Warm-Season grasses listed below for more details:

  • Zoysia – Grows very slowly and does ok in some shaded. Very drought tolerant, dense growing and therefore fairly resistant to weed invasion
  • Bermuda – Rapid growth with a fine textured dense growth habit. Best used in high-traffic areas due to its durability.
  • Centipede – Low fertility and relaxed mowing requirements make Centipede the easiest turf to maintain.
  • St. Augustine – Most shade tolerant of all warm-season grasses with rapid growth rate and a beautiful green color

Turf 05If you’re interested in transforming your yard with a Warm-Season sod installation, Contact Us today to schedule a consultation!

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