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Whether you are selling your home, updating the exterior, or just trying to keep it looking its best, curb appeal is essential, and a green, well-maintained lawn is a huge part of that equation. If your lawn could use a serious makeover, consider installing turf or sod. Rolled into place over a suitably prepared base, it instantly creates a beautiful, perfectly-manicured lawn without the need to seed, fertilize, and wait for the grass to grow.

If you are considering turf installation for your Charlotte home, talk to our experts at Hyatt Landscaping. Our team can handle the entire process, from grading your yard and adding drainage to installing the turf and completing the landscaping. Our company has been serving the Charlotte area since 1980, creating great-looking yards, lawns, and landscapes for our customers to enjoy.

To learn more about our turf installation services for your North Carolina home, call our team at (704) 888-5390 or contact us online today. Be sure to stop by our online gallery to see examples of our turf installation projects!

Benefits of Turf Installation

While seeding or plugs can take several growing seasons to achieve a good-looking, healthy result, sod or turf grass can be installed in a matter of hours to create a photo-ready lawn. Grown on specialty farms and harvested by machine, turf grass is an innovative solution to beautify your North Carolina home. Its benefits include:

  • Fast installation for a near-instant lawn
  • Requires less irrigation than conventional lawns
  • Creates a denser, healthier lawn
  • Prevents soil erosion and retains moisture
  • Can be installed in difficult locations, like steep slopes

For more reasons to choose turf over traditional seeding methods to create the ideal lawn, speak with our experts today by calling (704) 888-5390 or contacting us online.

Types of Turf

Turf grass can be divided into two categories—cool-season and warm-season grass. In the Charlotte area, either can be used but most homeowners choose cool-season grass to ensure a beautiful lawn virtually year-round. Here are some of the most common types of turf:

Cool-Season Turf

  • Tall Fescue – Popular because it stays green year-round, Tall Fescue is a hearty, shade-tolerant, cool-weather grass.

Warm-Season Turf

  • Zoysia – Slow-growing and drought tolerant, Zoysia can withstand partial shading and is resistant to weeds.
  • Bermuda – Durable and fast-growing, Bermuda is ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Centipede – With reduced fertility, Centipede grows slowly and requires minimal mowing or maintenance.
  • St. Augustine – With attractive green coloring, St. Augustine is a fast, growing, shade-tolerant grass.

Talk to our experts to learn which type of turf is the best for your Charlotte home. Call (704) 888-5390 or contact us online today!

The Importance of Professional Turf Installation

To create the ideal environment for your turf to thrive, correct soil preparation is essential. This means proper grading, eliminating clay, rocks, sand, and other deleterious materials, installing drainage, and adding proper nutrients with quality topsoil. Professional turf installation is the easiest and most foolproof way to ensure your turf has the conditions it requires for optimal growth and development.

To learn more about the benefits of a professional turf installation, call (704) 888-5390 or contact our landscaping experts online.

Choose Hyatt Landscaping for Turf Installation in Charlotte

When you need a qualified professional to install your turf and make your yard look great, turn to our experts at Hyatt Landscaping. We have over 40 years of landscaping, design, construction, and lawn-care experience, and we are eager to create the perfect lawn for your Charlotte home.

Call us today at (704) 888-5390 or contact us online to schedule a turf installation consultation today!

Turf Installation FAQs

How long does the turf installation take?

Most installations can be completed in one or two days, based on the size of the lawn, but the prep work may take longer, several days or weeks, depending on soil conditions.

When can turf be installed?

In the Charlotte area, turf or sod can be installed year-round, though it is best installed during the spring or fall to minimize water use and avoid freezing temperatures.

How long should I wait before mowing the turf?

Once the turf has grown tall enough that mowing is required, it should be established enough that mowing will not harm it.

How much water does the turf need?

Turf should be watered a few times a week, with about an inch of water per week total.

How often should my lawn be fertilized?

It should be fertilized once a year, and aerated every other year for optimal growth.

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