If good fences make good neighbors, a living fence is even better. Privacy planting uses vegetation, such as evergreen hedges and shade trees, for a natural alternative to fences and walls. For those who want a little seclusion and serenity, Hyatt Landscaping can incorporate privacy plants near windows, around swimming pools, and throughout your property.

Some of our most popular privacy plants in Charlotte include holly, arborvitae, and little gem magnolia. Depending on how much pruning and maintenance you want to take on, there’s an endless variety of privacy plantings to choose from.

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Installing Plants for Privacy & More

Privacy planting has many names, such as living screens or privacy hedges. Whether your goal is to improve your view or block others’, carefully selected and placed greenery can do the job while looking more attractive than a fence.

Our Charlotte landscape installers can add privacy plants for any or all of these potential purposes:

  • Block views of your yard from the street
  • Add comfortable privacy between you and neighbors
  • Reduce noise from neighbors and street traffic
  • Add privacy and wind protection to patios and outdoor dining
  • Add shade trees for windows and outdoor seating areas


Choosing Privacy Plants in Charlotte, NC

Hyatt Landscaping helps our clients find trees and shrubs with the right combination of evergreen foliage and density for privacy plantings in Charlotte. We’ll look at hardiness factors, irrigation needs, pruning schedules, and more to come up with a beautiful selection of screening hedges and trees for your home and yard.

Options to consider for Charlotte privacy plantings include:

  • Dark green, coniferous trees such as cedar and arborvitae for a living fence with tall, mature height
  • Holly shrubs in a variety of color tones for the classic pruned hedge look (varieties such as the Savannah holly have softer leaves)
  • Magnolia trees planted close together to form a flowering screen hedge
  • Flowering bushes such as azalea, hydrangea, privet, jasmine, and camellia for dense privacy shrubs with color

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Add Privacy Plantings in Charlotte With Hyatt Landscaping

For the best results now, and in the long term, you should always consult with a landscape designer in Charlotte about privacy plantings. We consider the mature height and width of your new trees and shrubs to ensure you enjoy evergreen privacy plants that thrive with low maintenance.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are North Carolina registered and certified landscape professionals. Start with a consultation to choose the best privacy plantings for the Charlotte area and get them installed by the dedicated professionals at Hyatt Landscaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Privacy Plantings in Charlotte, NC

Utilizing privacy plants in your landscape is an awesome way to boost privacy while also adding awesome visual enhancements to your outdoor living spaces. However, privacy planting projects come in a huge range of types and levels of complexity — it’s understandable to have some questions, and at Hyatt Landscaping we’re glad to provide any answers we can.

Check our FAQs to find out more about privacy plantings in Charlotte, NC. If you don’t find the answers you need, you can contact us online or dial (704) 888-5390 to speak with a landscaping professional today!

What Plants Do You Use for Privacy Plantings?

One of the great advantages of utilizing privacy planting instead of traditional fencing or posts is that you have dozens of options when it comes to choosing your plants. At Hyatt Landscaping we take pride in offering our clients a wide range of great options suited to each individual’s tastes, preferences, and needs. Some of the most popular options include evergreen tree shrubs like arborvitae, holly shrubs, and flowering bushes.

During your consultation with our landscaping team, we will discuss what you would like to accomplish and will provide plant options that meet your needs while adding excellent visual appeal to your space.

How Much Does Privacy Plant Installation Cost?

Privacy planting projects range widely according to what areas you want covered and what plants you would like to use in the project. If you’re concerned, don’t be! Our team can work with you on any budget in order to provide you with a cost-effective privacy planting solution that meets your needs.

Can I Do My Own Privacy Plantings?

DIY projects can be a great way to broaden your skill set, but this is a project we don’t recommend for weekend warriors. The largest reasons include the fact that privacy planting is best done with accurate measurements and because the initial planting and care of your privacy softscape features are very important.

A good planting results in years of healthy and gorgeous privacy foliage, while mistakes can lead to wasted money and time. Additionally, professional landscaping companies like ours have access to a wider variety of plants and can get them at lower rates through our network of vendors. That means hiring a professional can save you money, time, and stress.

Are There Benefits to Privacy Plantings?

There are many advantages to choosing privacy plantings over fencing or other privacy options. Planting to get your privacy is eco-friendly, which helps to lower your carbon footprint. Additionally, privacy plants are exceptionally customizable and are easier to alter if you decide you would like to make some changes. Plantings are also frequently more cost-effective than fencing and are often considered far more attractive than wood planks or PVC.

How Do I Get My Privacy Plants To Be Thicker?

Many species of shrubs will thicken more rapidly if they are pruned correctly while they are young. This is true for many plants, including holly shrubs and most flowering shrubs. This pruning is best done when the plants are in their first year; however, pruning must be done with care! If you’re not confident in your ability to help the plant along rather than hurt it, you may be best served leaving this up to a professional Charlotte, NC, landscaping company.

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