Foundation & Hedge Planting in Charlotte, NC

Hyatt Landscaping creates an evergreen solution for decorating your home and yard with hedges and foundation planting. From the classic row of hedges around the house to more creative riffs that accentuate your home’s architecture in eye-pleasing ways, our designers will help you choose the right foundation plants for the look you want.

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Benefits of Foundation Planting

In its most basic form, foundation planting serves to hide the foundation of a house. A little greenery goes a long way in making the perimeter of the home’s exterior look more attractive. We find that foundation planting around your Charlotte home can be used to create dynamic visuals in a variety of ways:

  • Evergreen looks: Many shrubs stay verdant all year, preventing your landscaping from looking barren and the house from looking “bald.”
  • Entryway accents: A tasteful array of hedges along the front pathway and around the entryway draw the eye to the front door.
  • Symmetry or asymmetry features: Designed with the placement of your front door and the symmetry or asymmetry of the home’s windows, your foundation plants can add plenty of visual interest and curb appeal.
  • Increased privacy: Front-facing bedrooms or other areas that may call for privacy can use taller shrubs and trees to obscure the view.
  • Visual dividers: Picture intermittent bushes rather than an uninterrupted rows of hedges; the result can improve the look of flower beds and achieve the purpose of foundation plantings without going overboard.

Similar principles can be applied to hedge plantings at the edge of your property and along any walkways and patios.

Mistakes to Avoid with Hedges and Foundation Plants

Hyatt Landscaping applies our landscape design expertise to ensure that your foundation plants serve a beneficial purpose. Common mistakes include using shrubs that will grow too large and block the house or installing foundation plants too close to the foundation, which can lead to moisture control issues.

Foundation Planting in Charlotte, NC

Foundation 01We excel at pairing our exceptional knowledge base with the aesthetic preferences of our clients. We use evergreen, low-maintenance shrubs such as azalea, holly, hydrangea, viburnum, and osmanthus, as well as low-growth plants like nandina and loropetalum. Most importantly, we strategically select foundation plants based on sun exposure and other factors for proper growth on any side of the house.

Hyatt Landscaping provides custom landscape design services for foundation plants and hedges since a Craftsman home in Myers Park will need different vegetation than a Cape Cod in Matthews, of course. Count on our 30 years of experience and wonderful client-centered approach to produce the best foundation plants at your Charlotte home.

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