Accent Planting

Hyatt Landscaping has been serving Charlotte NC and surrounding areas for over 30 years. With their unlimited expertise, they can easily help you create a beautiful and enjoyable outdoor living area and landscape. One of the many different types of landscaping services they offer includes accent planting.

Accept plants are sometimes in the form of a standalone tree or shrub that creates a focal point in the landscape design. Other times, accent plantings consist of shrubs grouped together that add interest to other planting areas. There are many benefits to incorporating accent plants into your design. Read below for more information about how the unique characteristics of accent plantings can enhance your landscape.

Accent plantings can be chosen that have an unusual growth habit.  Others may have been pruned with special techniques, like topiary. These special accent plantings can easily add a touch of flair to any landscaped area.

There are many different types of accent plantings to choose from that have beautiful foliage, fruit or that will flower throughout the year. These accent plantings can easily help decorate a mostly green landscape.

Although some flowers may not instantly catch your eye, their pleasant aroma will be noticeable as you walk through the landscape.

Other plants may have unusual bark or showy displays of fruits / berries that can be very attractive throughout the year.  Annual color, like Begonia, Petunia and Pansies can also be used to add color to the landscape.   There are many types of accent plants to choose from and almost any landscape can be enhanced by their unique features.

Accent 01

Some examples of accent plants include Loropetalum, Abelia, Gardenia, Azalea, Rose and Nandina.

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