Hardscape Lighting in Charlotte, NC

For North Carolina homeowners, having a gorgeous garden and landscape often goes hand-in-hand with adding stunning hardscape features. Do you have a pergola, patio, outdoor kitchen, or other hardscape features that you want to enjoy at all hours? If so, adding hardscape-enhancing features like lighting can be the perfect marriage of functionality and beauty you’re looking for, and Hyatt Landscaping would love to help!

For over three decades Hyatt Landscaping has been the local landscaping contractor that Charlotte homeowners can count on for customized solutions and beautiful landscape services. When it comes to projects like landscape lighting, you can count on our experienced lighting experts and professional hardscape designers to help you make a gorgeous outdoor feature that you can enjoy all year long.

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What Is Hardscape Lighting? 

Hyatt-landscape lightingAt its base definition, hardscape lighting is simply utilizing your hardscape features to add an artistic inclusion of landscape lighting fixtures. But, when it comes to implementing hardscape lighting, there’s really no limit to the creativity and unique design you can put on display. You can use hardscape lighting to enhance hardscape features themselves, illuminating them with unique lighting options like up- and down-lighting, silhouette lighting, or moonlighting. Or, hardscape lighting can simply use your hardscape features as a “base” for adding lighting to your landscape, melding your hardscape into an overall outdoor landscape lighting design. 

Hardscape Lighting Installation

Nothing can transform your hardscaping quite as effectively as custom hardscape lighting. Whether your primary goal is improved evening aesthetics, lighting for use of your yard in the long winter nights, security concerns, or anything else, the team at Hyatt Landscaping is ready to help you build a plan and implement it.

Our hardscape lighting solutions are easily managed, long-lasting, efficient, and can be as ornate or unobtrusive as you want.

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Our Hardscape Lighting Services in Charlotte 

At Hyatt Landscaping our focus always remains solely on the wants, needs, and preferences of our clients. We offer our experience and knowledge as a means of focusing and developing your landscape lighting ideas, ensuring you get a fully customized hardscape lighting design that offers all of the functionality and beauty you’re looking for.

Some of our most common hardscape lighting projects include:

  • Spotlighting – Strategically placed spot or directional lights are great for illuminating hardscape features that you love, or for adding task lighting to patios, decks, or outdoor kitchens. 
  • Silhouette lighting – Silhouette lighting creates beautiful dynamic shadows and is often used to highlight favorite hardscape art pieces like benches, statues, and water fixtures.  
  • Well lighting – Well lights are simple, unassuming sources of light that can be installed along walls or other hardscape surfaces to provide additional lighting. 
  • Step and path lighting – Step lighting and path lighting are both ideal for tying together a gorgeous landscape lighting design, and also for adding safety by keeping areas where tripping may be a problem better lit. 
  • Wash lighting – Wash lights are typically used along home exterior walls, and are a great way to highlight your property with stark, handsome light that remains unobtrusive while providing plenty of area lighting.

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Contact Us for Hardscape Lighting in Charlotte, NC 

Ready to get started, or want to find out more? Hyatt Landscaping is the local landscaping company that you can reach out to at any time. We offer complete hardscape and landscape lighting design services, outdoor lighting installation, and even lighting demos. We don’t stop there. We also offer hardscape lighting installation, hardscape lighting design, and hardscape lighting fixtures! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will installation take?

Installation time frames can vary significantly with the size of the project. The number of lights, the types of lights, access to electricity, and other factors can all shape the final completion date for hardscape installation.

Are hardscape lights weatherproof?

Yes, we use lights which will stand up to whatever the winter and summer throw at them. Enjoy your lights year-round without fault or failure.

How much will my hardscape lighting cost?

As with time frames, it’s hard to give concrete costs before looking at the specifics of your project. Different lights have different costs, the number of lights will vary from home to home, the labor involved may differ depending on any number of factors, etc.

How much energy do hardscape lights use to run?

We use a variety of different lights to match your needs, but all of our hardscaping solutions are energy-efficient. If you want efficiency above all else, we can reduce your energy footprint even further.

Can you match the aesthetic of my home?

Our team will work with you to select the right lights and installation plans to make sure nothing clashes with your home or hardscaping. A variety of different light aesthetics, and the ability to focus on subtler lighting with structures that are less visible, will ensure your home beauty isn’t compromised by your hardscape lighting.