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In the world of landscaping, everything starts with planting the right seeds. Think of your landscape design team as the starting point you need to cultivate an enriching, vibrant outdoor space. Hyatt Landscaping provides a full array of design, installation, drainage, and hardscaping in the Charlotte area.

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Landscaping Design

We provide a consultative approach to landscaping design. After meeting to see your outdoor spaces and get to know your preferences, Hyatt Landscaping will produce a fully customized landscaping design for your Charlotte home. Our landscaping design process can take several forms, including hand-drawn plans, digital renderings, conceptual designs, or an on-site design.

Grading and Drainage

Grading ensures that your land has the proper slope and foundation for vegetation to thrive and for outdoor areas to be comfortable for recreation. This can mean leveling a yard or creating an angled slope for the appropriate natural drainage.

In concert with proper grading, we can add drainage systems including swales, French drains, catch basins, or sump pumps. Drainage prevents dead spots on the lawn, overwatered trees, and muddy areas in the yard.

Irrigation Systems

It’s never been easier to enjoy efficient, hands-free landscaping irrigation, but it must start with proper design and installation. Hyatt Landscaping can add smart irrigation controls with moisture sensors and timers to make your expertly mapped irrigation lines produce vibrant greenery throughout the year.

Landscaping Installation

Our team, comprised of North Carolina licensed, certified professionals in landscaping and irrigation, takes pride in our work. We create your custom landscaping with results that look beautiful right away and for years to come.

Our turf installation team will help you choose the right varieties of grass. We cut and lay the sod expertly at the right time of year to take root healthfully.

For tree and shrub installation, we help you choose from native and exotic species. Considering both form and function, we find the perfect trees, shrubs, hedges, and large plants to provide shade, color, texture, and visual dynamics to the finished landscaping project.

Outdoor Living & Hardscapes

In the Charlotte area, people love to beautify their outdoor spaces not just for appearances. Hardscape and outdoor living features can make the space more enjoyable and usable. Hyatt Landscaping can design and install hardscape components such as:

  • Retaining walls
  • Patios and walkways
  • Water features
  • Outdoor kitchen islands
  • Stone garden borders
  • And more

Landscape Lighting

No landscaping project is complete without proper illumination. Landscape lighting extends your time for outdoor relaxation and entertainment while also improving curb appeal, visibility, and security. We provide state-of-the-art LED landscape lighting in Charlotte as well as other forms of exterior, pathway, and garden lighting.

Schedule Landscaping Services with Hyatt Landscaping

Hyatt Landscaping emphasizes the client-designer relationship. We offer on-site visits, hand-drawn and digital drawings, and complete landscaping design and installation services. Contact us online or call 704-888-5390 to set up a consultation for the Charlotte landscaping services you need.