Landscape Installation in Midland, North Carolina

Homes in Midland, NC with large lots are blank canvases for new and thoughtfully designed landscape installation. Hyatt Landscaping can install turf, shrubs, trees, and more with a creative and caring approach. Our Midland landscape installation service produces beautiful results that only thrive more as time goes on.

Call 704-888-5390 or contact us online to request a consultation for landscape installation in Midland, NC, from licensed professionals who also offer drainage, irrigation, hardscape, and lighting services.

Midland, NC Landscape Installation Services

Getting new sod and plants settled into place takes a lot more than a green thumb. Hyatt Landscaping is a licensed and registered North Carolina landscape contractor with extensive experience in the Midland region.

Once your landscape design has been completed, we are ready to select the best plants available, prepare the topsoil, and proceed with your professional landscape installation in Midland.

Our team goes to great lengths to ensure that your turf, trees, shrubs, and garden beds receive the necessary care and attention to detail. For more details about our process:

Drainage & Irrigation Systems

If you’ve ever lost a tree to dehydration or dealt with muddy spots in your backyard, you understand the importance of proper watering and drainage. Our landscape installers in Midland, NC include licensed irrigation experts.

We can adjust the landscape grading to encourage proper watering of your plants and to keep moisture away from the home’s foundation. Catch basins, French drains, and other drainage systems should also be used in Midland, NC to protect your landscaping and property.

We also recommend installing a modern irrigation system with automatic sensors and timers that make your life easier and prevent overwatering.

Outdoor Lighting & Hardscapes in Midland

With a gorgeous new outdoor space, you’ll love to spend more time on the deck or patio with friends and family. Hyatt Landscaping installs low-voltage landscape lighting in Midland, NC to illuminate the greenery and provide a layer of security and visibility, too.

To complete the project, we can also install retaining walls, water features, fire pits, and custom walkways and outdoor living spaces. Share your lighting and hardscape vision for your Midland property, and Hyatt Landscaping will bring it to life.

Consultations for Landscape Installation in Midland, NC

Whether you’re building a new home or need outdoor remodeling, Hyatt Landscaping can make your house in Midland feel like home. Sit down with our experienced, licensed landscape installation team to discuss trees, lighting, irrigation, and more.

Call us at 704-888-5390 or request a consultation online with your landscape installers near Midland, NC.