Landscape Design in Mint Hill, North Carolina

The exterior of your home is not something that you’ll want to ignore. Not only can you get a lot out of it in terms of function and enjoyment, but its aesthetic value has a big impact on your property’s curb appeal. We can help you expand your living spaces and add elements to your landscape design that will increase its visual appeal and complement the look of your home itself. Our goal is to take what’s unique about your property and to mesh it with your ideas to create a landscape design that’s customized to fit your needs.

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Our Mint Hill Landscape Design Process

To make sure we meet the needs of our customers and to ensure that they are completely happy with their final landscape design, we go through a tried and true process. However, we do not limit ourselves to this process–we will often adjust it based on the size and scope of the project.

  • Initial design consultation – During our initial consultation, we will meet with you to go over what your wants, needs, and expectations of the project are. We will provide advice and information that will help to inform any final decisions that you make, and we will keep your budgetary constraints in mind. While at your home, we will gather information about your property’s topography, existing structures, existing vegetation, and more.
  • Landscape analysis – Once we’ve finished our consultation, we will perform an in-depth landscape analysis to ensure that the design will be accurately represented. The data collected will be used to create a map that shows exactly where all the existing structures, walkways, plantings, and more, are located.
  • Preliminary design – We typically do preliminary designs for larger projects. This gives you a chance to look over the design and make additional changes or revisions before its finalized. An estimate for the final design will be provided as well.
  • Final design and installation – The final design will consist of a blueprint that includes material specifications, labels, legends, plant lists, and more. It will be used for our crew during the installation of your landscape.

Not only do we want to make sure that you end up with a landscape that you can be proud of, but we also strive to make sure that the entire landscape design process is a pleasant one. Keep in mind that larger projects may require some more design time than smaller ones.

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