Landscape Design in Huntersville, North Carolina

Your outdoor space is an important part of your home and significantly enhances your entire property. At Hyatt Landscaping, we can help to elevate your landscape design from thoughtfully designed greenery and smart irrigation to custom-built patios and other hardscape features. We strive to use the best landscaping products and techniques for residents throughout Huntersville. Whatever your landscaping needs are, we will help you find a solution at Hyatt Landscaping.

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Landscaping Design & Installation Services

Our goal is to work closely with each and every one of our clients to ensure that they get the landscape they desire. We can help design a landscape based on photographs, ideas, or plans you may already have. When designing residential landscapes, we will consider your personal style and maintenance preferences in addition to your home’s architectural style and surroundings. Our consultants will use hand-drawn or digital renderings to preview your design before we get to work. Once you approve of the design, we will implement the best landscaping practices to install your new landscape. Our landscaping services include:

Drainage, Grading & Irrigation Services

Proper irrigation is essential to keeping your landscape healthy; however, too much water can be a detriment as well. We can install different types of drainage systems, including sump pumps, catch basins, channel drains, and more. Depending on your landscape, we may also recommend grading to ensure proper slope and drainage.

When it comes to irrigation systems, we install smart automated irrigation systems designed to meet the specific needs of your unique landscape. We can implement everything from moisture sensors to flow-control nozzles to reduce water waste as well.

Outdoor Lighting & Hardscape Services

We can greatly improve the curb appeal and function of your landscape by implementing hardscape features, such as brick walkways, stone walls, patios, water features, and more. We can also help design and implement an outdoor lighting scheme that will highlight your favorite landscape features, thereby improving your curb appeal even at night. Proper outdoor lighting can also help to improve your property’s safety and security to boot. Be sure to take a look through our gallery for examples of our hardscaping features:

Choosing Hyatt Landscaping

We have over 30 years of landscaping and exterior design experience and have fostered a reputation throughout the Huntersville community for our honesty and dependability. Our family-owned and -operated team goes above and beyond to make your house feel more like home. We use climate-appropriate plants and water-friendly irrigation systems to ensure your landscaping will thrive. Hyatt Landscaping can help you find the landscaping solutions you need with quality design and installation methods.

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If you’re in need of landscaping work, consult with the experienced team at Hyatt Landscaping. We will help you design a tranquil landscape that boosts both security and relaxation.

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