Landscape Installation

Our team knows how to produce vibrant landscapes that reflect your personal tastes.

We have served the Charlotte area since 1980, creating great-looking yards, lawns, and landscapes for our customers to enjoy.

Turf Installation

If you are considering turf installation for your home, our team can handle the entire process, from grading your yard and adding drainage to installing the turf and completing the landscaping.

Tree & Shrub Installation

Hyatt Landscaping can help you choose the best trees and plants for your property, and our crews will see to an expert installation that sets everything up to bloom perfectly.


Grading provides the foundation for your landscape. Proper grading will allow you to maximize your landscape’s potential and offers protection against drainage problems. Our team can grade your lawn and property for style and function.


Nothing adds more functionality and beauty to your home and landscape than a well-designed lighting system. We offer custom landscape lighting design to illuminate your home and turn outdoor living areas into truly usable spaces.


Whether you have a simple backyard or a complex landscape, you need irrigation to keep it looking its best. Hyatt Landscaping offers irrigation services designed for lawns, gardens, and full landscapes.


Drainage issues are very common in and around the Charlotte area. Without proper drainage, your home and landscape can suffer greatly. Along with our highly trained staff, we work with state-of-the-art equipment to provide the right solutions.

Specialty Drainage

We have developed strategies that deal with groundwater infiltration, putting an end to the expense and aggravation of replacing a pool liner more often than necessary.

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