Wood-Burning Fire Pit Installation in Charlotte, NC

To add some character to your outdoor landscaping and make it easier to enjoy your outdoor living space at the same time, consider the installation of a wood-burning fire pit. With the help of Hyatt Landscaping, wood-burning fire pits make your outdoor living space more inviting, giving you a comfortable place to enjoy time with friends and family even after the sun goes down.

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Benefits of Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Not sure if a wood-burning fire pit is right for your home? Here are some of the benefits that one brings:

  • Create a space for family and friends to gather
  • Warm up your outdoor living space
  • Give your yard better ambiance
  • Increase the value of your property

Ready to enjoy these benefits? Schedule wood-burning fire pit installation in Charlotte by contacting Hyatt Landscaping today.

Wood-Burning vs. Gas-Burning Fire Pits

Both wood-burning fire pits and gas-burning fire pits can benefit your Charlotte yard. Wood-burning fire pits create a more rustic ambiance. The aroma of burning wood and the crackling of the fire create a welcome feeling around the fire. Yet wood fire pits require you to buy firewood and also have a place to store it. Gas fire pits do not require wood or wood storage, but they do not provide quite the same ambiance, either.

Not sure which is right for your home? We can help. Call (704) 888-5390 to discuss wood-burning fire pits and gas fire pits with the Hyatt Landscaping team.

Contact Hyatt Landscaping for Wood Fire Pits in Charlotte, NC

If the ambiance and look of a wood fire pit are right for your home, the proper installation is key to fully enjoying it. Hyatt Landscaping offers a comprehensive list of hardscaping services, including fireplaces and fire pit installation. We also offer landscape design services, so we can create an area in your yard that perfectly highlights your fire pit. Check out our other industries served, and see how we can transform your backyard into the outdoor living space you crave.

Starting your wood fire pit and outdoor living space starts with a phone call to Hyatt Landscaping. Call (704) 888-5390 for a quote for wood fire pits in Charlotte, NC.

FAQs About Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Do you have a question about wood-burning fire pits? Here are some answers from the Hyatt Landscaping crew.

Are wood-burning fire pits safe?

When installed professionally with the right bottom layer, wood-burning fire pits are fairly safe. There is always a risk of sparks from wood-burning outdoor fireplaces, but the Hyatt Landscaping team will help you minimize that risk.

Can you use fire logs in a wood fire pit?

Manufactured logs are safe to use in a wood fire pit, but the chemicals they contain may damage the finish if the fire pit is made from decorative steel. They will also burn hotter than regular wood, so keep that in mind for safety reasons.

Is my yard big enough for a wood fire pit?

Even small yards can enjoy the ambiance of a wood-burning fire pit. The key is installing the fire pit safely away from the home, and the Hyatt Landscaping team will make sure that happens.