Different Types of Design Drawings for Charlotte, NC Homes

The first step in any landscaping project in Charlotte, NC is a consultation, at which point your landscaper can help you decide what type of design drawing your project may need. Below are some explanations of what different types of designs are available through Hyatt Landscaping.

AZDrvN_NuPdCHpNchyB3m2w_KjUff9ctkJty7JVBFEAOn Site Design

Though not officially a drawing, on site designs are the easiest and least time-consuming type of landscape design. This is done, as the name suggests, on the site of the landscaping project in Charlotte, NC. Rather than a pen-and-paper process like other design types, it involves bringing various plants to the site and allowing the property owner to see what they would actually look like in place. Because it requires transporting the plants to the property before selection, this option is not available for those who require large trees or other field grown materials, unless the larger material is selected ahead of time. This option can save you the time and money that goes into drawn designs, allowing you to put that investment directly into the final landscape product.

Conceptual Landscape Drawing

Conceptual landscape drawings are quick, hand drawn sketches that are used to communicate basic landscaping ideas. They may not be done entirely to scale, but are usually close enough to allow the property owners to get a good idea of what the finished product will look like. The drawings can include tree and shrubbery placement as well as walkways and outdoor living areas.  They are typically done in black and white, though color rendering can be added to help the plan be more easily interpreted. These are usually done for smaller Charlotte, NC projects or as the first step in a larger project that may later include different types of landscape design drawings. The conceptual landscape drawing is a simple sketch of the landscaper’s ideas to allow him to communicate those ideas better to the property owner.

Digital Landscape Design

Digital landscape designs have risen in popularity recently as more people and companies become computer proficient. It is the most flexible of the design types, allowing changes with a few clicks that might otherwise take an hour of erasing and redrawing with the more traditional design types. This type of design can be used with all types and sizes of projects in Charlotte, NC, and because it can be shared digitally (rather than waiting for the next meeting or consultation), changes and approvals can be made much faster, expediting the entire landscaping planning process. It can include 3-D imagery or photorealistic images in the final product, allowing both the landscaper and the property owner a better view of what is being planned. The scale is also very precise in this type of design, which not only can help guide the crew, but can also allow Hyatt Landscaping to give you the most fair and precise estimate possible.

Hand Drawn Masterpiece

As the name might suggest, the hand drawn masterpiece is used by skilled Landscape Designers and architects in Charlotte, NC to give you a comprehensive, detailed look at the planned project. The initial design drawing is usually a large hand-drawn piece done to scale, which is often accompanied by other pages of sketches and information. These designs are done by a skilled artist and landscaper who has visualized the final design, often down to the tiny details.