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Digital Landscape Designs are very customizable.  If you are looking for a great way to visualize your landscaping project, digital landscape designs are the perfect solution! Hyatt Landscaping has over 30 years of experience in landscape design and landscape installation in the Charlotte NC area. This page will help explain the benefits of using Digital Landscape Designs for your landscaping project.

Digital landscape designs can be used for a wide variety of landscaping projects.  Given the technological advancements in landscape design software over the past several years, many designers have chosen to go “digital”.  What used to take hours to erase or re-draw can be done in a matter of minutes on a computer.  Not only that, the scale is typically very precise, which ensures a fair and accurate estimation of the project’s cost.  This also helps guide the foreman and crews during the installation process.

Digital software can be used to design landscaping projects of all sizes, making this the most versatile method of design.  Because the files are digital in nature, they can be shared via email or other cloud services with the click of a button.  That means questions and updates can be processed much more quickly than before, which often saves time and money.  Also, because rendered (colorful) versions are created on demand, the customer can easily visualize how their project will look after installation, even if they’re not familiar with reading plans.  In some cases, a digital landscape design can be accompanied by photo-realistic or even 3D imagery.

To learn more about our digital landscape design process, contact us using the form on the right! With over 30 years experience in landscape installation and design in Charlotte NC, Hyatt Landscaping can help create the ultimate outdoor living area for your home or business.