Cool-Season Grass

Turf 11Around the Charlotte NC area, when you hear people talking about “Cool-Season” grass they’re almost always referring to Tall Fescue. The most attractive feature of Tall Fescue is that it stays green year-round! Unlike the warm-season grasses that go dormant during the winter, Tall Fescue allows you to have vibrant green grass through the cooler months. In addition, Tall Fescue is the most shade tolerate of all grasses, making it the most versatile turf for yards with mature trees or more shaded areas.

Turf 13

No turf will maintain its beauty without someone providing the necessary steps to keep it healthy. Tall Fescue can be challenging during the summer months, though a properly timed aeration and overseed in the fall can rejuvenate your lawn within a few weeks. It’s also a good idea to do preventative fungicide applications throughout the more humid months. Other than that, a regularly scheduled fertilization and pre-emergent application will ensure a lush dark green lawn for years to come

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