Are you a gardener looking for some new ideas to add color to your garden after a drab winter?  (Hyatt Landscaping specializes in created attractive outdoor living areas — need help selecting the right flowers or plants for your home? Contact Hyatt Landscaping by clicking here for a Free Estimate!) Selecting flowers to plant can be a daunting experience for both landscaping beginners and experts alike, so to help you select plants for your home, here are three beautiful flowers for spring:


Lilies are easy to grow, add color, and their large clusters of petaled flowers add a lovely touch to any garden.  Also making lilies a wonderful plant for spring along with their vibrant, brilliant hues is their delightful fragrance.  Lilies do look best when they are planted in clusters, and they tend to prefer direct, full sunlight in well drained soil.   The best time to plant lily bulbs is either in the fall or spring; but if you buy lilies in containers they can be planted at any time during the growing season.


Dahlias are another beautiful, dramatic spring flower that will add stunning details to your garden.  Ranging in size from twelve inches to about eight feet in height, there are also thousands of different varieties in a multitude of colors. Dahlia bulbs must be planted in well-drained soil and should never be planted in direct sunlight, where they could wither.  Once dahlias are in bloom, they require lots of water and larger plants will need to be staked.


Gladiolus plants have blooms that are placed vertically along a stalk, adding another element of depth to your garden.  The delicate blossoms, like dahlias and lilies, come in a wide range of colors that will suit even the finickiest of visual tastes.  Gladiolus are easy to grow, and once planted can be left in the ground as annuals.  Every year, the plant will produce healthier and larger flowers. Plant gladiolus in full direct sunlight, in well-drained soil.  In order for your garden to have gladiolus blooms all summer, start planting them in early May and continue planting them until the end of June.

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