All of the four seasons that everyone around the world experiences can have an effect to all living things. Humans, animals, and plants al suffer from the changes of weather and temperature. No matter your belief, there is definitely a higher power that knew what they were doing when they created everything that is visible to the naked eye.

Animals have a way to protect themselves from their weather, thus most animals are only placed in selected areas. Polar bears and grizzly bears both hold a different type of threshold for the cold weather. Dogs also have the same form of protection with different types of fur, thus they shed their fur more in the summer than the winter times, to keep their winter coats.

However, unlike them and us, who are able to cover and uncover ourselves as we see fit to the weather around us, plants do not have that capability to be able to protect themselves from the cold or the heat. Also they are self sufficient while they are still planted, plants more often than not, require our assistance to survive. With that being said, here are some tips for keeping your yard healthy during the winter months.

First I would suggest to do a google search into the type of plants and grass that you have in your yard. Unfortunately, not all plant forms are made to last every bit of abuse from mother nature. With new homes being constructed every day, different home building companies are now offering different types of grass for you to pick as an option. In these cases, if you are the original owner, you will have a heads up to what type of grass you are dealing with and what to do. However, if you are not the original owner and the house has been standing for decades, you will not know what to do with your grass. Once again, your best bet would be to look up the type of grass that you may have or contact someone with knowledge of landscaping.

Another one of the ways that we can help plants survive in the winter months is by covering them with a blanket. I know, it seems like a no brainer and like how a child would be treated, but in the end, by treating a plant with love and affection, the plant will actually react and be healthier. It sounds crazy, I know, however if you ever see a retired person treat their plants with conversations of their days as an active member of society, you will see that a plant will appreciate that and grow brightly.

Another way is to actually keep watering your grass. Will the grass freeze? Can the grass die from the excess of cold water? While these are great questions, the truth is that watering grass during the cold will still allow for the grass to get its hydration whether at the moment the water lands, or when it melts.

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