Spring is just around the corner and there are still a lot of things you can do to make your yard look beautiful. Three of them are planting vibrant flowers, seed and aerate and adding hardscapes. Let’s have a closer look at how these minor changes can be evocative and give you a sparkling, beautiful spring lawn:

1.     Plant New Flowers


Not only does this genre of flowers offers a wide range of colors to choose from, Fuchsias also lasts until autumn. It means you could get a long time to adore the adorned gardening you did yourself. The best place you can place Fuchsias is along borders and beddings. Want a more evocative look? Try planting fuchsias among shrubs, perennials and flamboyant roses. Be ready to be invited by others to do the same to their yards because the setting looks just wow.

2.     Seed And Aerate

Aeration First, Fertilization/Seeding Later

After plugging, don’t pick up the debris and leave it that way. Then seed or fertilize the lawn as usual and there is no need to add fresh soil to cover the seeds as the plug would better take care of them.

3.     Add Hardscapes

Use Colored Concretes

Just add some color to concretes used in the pavement approaching your front door or garage. You can also use the same vivid bricks in building up a patio. The reason I am recommending colored concretes/bricks is that unlike paint, they don’t go away easily and give a natural look to the yard by getting absorbed in the hardscaping material; just perfect for spring as this season denotes colors.

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