Top 5 reasons to install lighting on your landscape

Plants mostly take the center stage of your landscape, but outdoor lighting adds both functional benefits and aesthetics to your home. When the whole purpose is to enhance the beauty of your garden and home or just want to beef up your security measures, landscape lighting is the best option for both cases. These lights can be installed in driveways, fences, trees, pathways, and stairs. These lights not only make your house beautiful and appealing but also increase your home’s safety. These stylish lights will brighten up every corner of your home, making it very easy for you to see objects clearly at night. Landscape lights usually come in different sizes, shapes and colors making it possible for you to select one that best suits your home and its landscape. There are many reasons to install lighting on your landscape and here are five of the top reasons.

Home Security

Lights illuminating your home and its landscape make it less of a target for burglars. A criminal will find it hard to approach your home because a well-lit landscape leaves very few hiding places. Besides, illuminating entrance points such as windows and doors makes it much difficult for criminals to break in unnoticed. An attempted break-in on your home would require burglars to step into the light making them exposed and vulnerable.


An apparent advantage of landscape lighting is the fact that it adds beauty to your home. If you need to flaunt your alley or new hammock, decorative lights are the way to go. Outdoor lighting adds to the aesthetics of a home. Besides, visually pleasing home exterior lights make your mansion stand out from other darkened house on your street. With outdoor lighting, you can show off your meticulously designed landscape even with pitch black darkness.

Higher Property Value

Did you know that your home could probably sell for more if it had landscape lighting? Real estate buyers recognize the numerous merits of outdoor lighting when comparing different homes. This gives you the mandate to set a higher price for your home if its boasts this feature. A well-installed landscape lighting increases the chances of your home selling above your asking price. A magnificently lit landscape ensures you reap many benefits when you leave and when you sell your home.

Personal Safety

The safety of family members and guests when outside during the night is another reason why you should consider landscape lighting. Home exteriors are filled with potential dangers such as drop-offs, tripping hazards and pools. Lighting near such hazards makes them visible to prevent falls or any other kind of injuries. Besides, light that illuminates pathways, house numbers and driveways make it possible for visitors to quickly and safely locate your home.

Increase Your Home’s Functionality

Landscape lighting enhances the functionality of all outdoor spaces. With a well-illuminated landscape, it means you can use your backyard or patio long after sunset. If you fancy late-night dining conversations on your deck, landscape lighting can help you enjoy all that. You will utilize your outdoor spaces even when there is no sunlight to illuminate your yard.