With the sight and smells of fresh spring, air comes the chores of landscaping. Spring is a great time to design and create a whole new oasis of lawns and gardens. If you’re going to be doing some landscaping projects this spring, consider planting some trees in your yard. You may think of trees as annoyances (think raking in the fall), but they actually have some tremendous benefits. Think of trees as the lungs of the planet. If you don’t want the chore of doing it yourself, you can contact your landscaper in Charlotte, who has the experience and expertise to help.

  1. Reduce your carbon footprint: Planting trees has an extremely beneficial effect on the environment. Without giving a major science lesson, trees trap CO2, which is a major contributing factor of the greenhouse effect; this substance is then converted to carbohydrates, which is used for plant growth. Mature trees can absorb approximately 42 tonnes of CO2 a year. What does that all mean? It means cleaner air for everyone, better plant growth and a reduced carbon footprint.
  2. Save energy: Planting trees around your home will give you shade and protection from the sun. This will not only give you a beautiful breeze through the open windows but cut down on humidity and heat. That means your AC will run less, saving you money throughout the season. If you plant the trees on the west side of your home, you can save up to 12% in energy costs in 5 years once the tree has grown or matured.
  3. Free food: Imagine being able to pick an apple or peach anytime you get hungry for a snack! Fruit trees are a great way to save on groceries throughout the spring, summer and fall. Fruit-bearing trees not only help feed you, but they are also organic, giving you a healthier diet overall. Pick some apples for a pie, or some pears for a cobbler; you’ll be able to feast on desserts all season long.
  4. Aesthetically pleasing: There is nothing quite like a big willow tree in your yard (if you have the room). For smaller yards, there are dozens of smaller trees, like Ash, Japanese Maple, Birch and Pine. These make a great addition to any yard; some realtors believe that a well-tended yard with trees can raise the value of your home by at least 5%.
  5. Reduce noise pollution and absorb sound: Planting trees around your property can reduce noise pollution by almost 10 decibels. This is especially important for those who live near very busy streets or freeways.

A Charlotte custom landscaping company can help you decide what types of trees to plant, and where to plant them. They can be purchased at almost any nursery or home improvement store. You can also purchase them from a landscaping company if you’re concerned about quality. With proper care and maintenance, your trees should last for generations to come. A tree can be a place of solace, rest and peace. So go ahead and get planting!

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