The nature is a source for all inspirations and the same goes for the art of landscaping – the process of decoration of a garden, yard or park. People have overpowered nature and its elements and they have transferred these elements in their everyday life in order to make their life easier and better (more comfortable and aesthetically attractive). One of the ways to realistically transfer the beauty of nature in our everyday life is to decorate our gardens, yards, parks and every green area in the vicinity of our residence. Throughout this process, the most significant importance has the addition of various elements of decoration and especially great importance has the use of water. Water as the most important element of nature and as a symbol of life has an equally immeasurable value in its free form and in creations made with human labor. The water in our yard can bring sound, dynamics, life, special flora and unique miniature empire of aquatic animals. The presence of the element of water in a yard never remains unnoticed. We have mentioned some of the reasons why someone would consider adding a water feature in their yard and now it’s time to highlight the three most important reasons.

  1. Easy maintenance

Water features in the yard come in many forms. But, even the most complex forms like ponds or fountains are easy to be cleaned. However, it is good to mention that regular cleaning will make this task even easier because ponds and fountains that are cleaned rarely can cause blockages and algae buildup and this is something that doesn’t look very nice. Luckily the process of cleaning is very easy and it lasts for a very short period of time. Cleaning these features once a week will do the job.

  1. Natural habitat

If you decide to create a pond you can always use it to add some animals in it. Fish for example are a good choice because they will bring life to your yard and some of them don’t require much space. Of course, you should be sure that the type of fish you want to put in the pond has enough space to live normally. You should also keep in mind that if you have fish in the pond you will have to be even more careful when it comes to cleaning and maintenance.

  1. Decrease the temperature during summer period

This is one of the best ways to cool the yard during summer period. Having only one fountain can make a difference. A pond will definitely cool down the whole area. So, this is especially useful for areas that have long and hot summers. In this way you can also revive the plants which are probably dry during this period. If you want to get the best effect from this cooling you will have to keep the water clean.

Choosing the style of these water features is up to you but whatever style and option you choose you can be sure that you will improve the look and functionality of this space.