Besides the look and organization of paths, lighting, place for rest and small decorations those who are looking to improve their landscaping efforts should definitely pay closer look to the use of plants. Nothing can improve the look of the landscape more than beautiful and carefully maintained plants. Plants come with certain stability, they live and grow in their own time and we cannot rush that growth. We are here to meet their basic needs. Some people view plants as a type of living furniture which can make any landscape look more interesting and beautiful. If you choose the right types of plants you can create a real oasis that you can visit at any time when you are free. We don’t have to mention how successful you will feel once the plants start to bloom. Furthermore, many people associate these plants with the pleasant memories of long summer nights spent with their friends and family. As we have mentioned before, one of the reasons why people use plants is the fact that they can make any space look more colorful. The interesting part is that there are three plants that can perform this task more than any other plants.

  1. Cleome (Spider Flower)

Spider flower is an annual plant that can reach a height of around 1 meter. It originates from South America and belongs to the Cleomaceae family. This flower got this exotic name because of the look of the big bloom with long stamens which resemble spider legs. It is perfect for the summer period because it blooms from June to September. The flowers have a mild smell of musk. But, what is probably the most interesting part is that Spider Flowers come in three beautiful colors – pink, white and purple. These colors can be a beautiful addition for any landscaping project. New flowers are constantly appearing at the top while the lower flowers are dried.

  1. Cyperus

Those who love the green color and want to improve of their lawn by adding some plants in a similar color should definitely check Cyperus. This plant is known all over the world and since it comes from the wetlands, this plant enjoys water. The only condition for this plant to survive and prosper is to have constantly wet roots. Although it is green, you can sometimes notice small brown spiky flowers which make its appearance even more interesting because it emphasizes the green color.

  1. Euphorbia

This plant has its origins in Madagascar but it can be easily grown almost anywhere because it is very resistant to any type of weather. It blooms from early spring to late summer. It comes in red or yellow color so those who are looking for more vivid look for their landscape will be satisfied with the results. Keep it in pots and make sure you place it inside your home during the winter because this plant cannot stand low temperatures.

We hope that these plants will fit your landscaping ideas!