A small yard space can be hard to deal with when it comes to landscaping. With a larger space, it would be easy to imagine a theme or plan to provide the most appealing image. But there is still hope for small yards, and while there are many great ideas that homeowners can look up online, there are four that stick out amongst the rest.

Stack Them Up.

Plants are a big seller when it comes to decorating landscapes. When it comes to smaller yards, it can be hard to put as many plants as the homeowner wants without seeming to clutter up the space. One way to prevent this is to build or buy planter boxes that gradually build up to the desired height. The homeowner can decide which plants to put in each and how many with freedom while placing them in a stylish planters box. Other homeowners use old car tires or larger hubcaps to create their masterpieces to make their yard appear to have more depth. This will optimize space while also adding volume and color to a small yard, giving it a larger feel and look. Another version of this idea would be to stack planters by size and plant the seeds along the outside of the bottom planters. This would perform a dual purpose, as homeowners are able to plant their herbs while also giving their home a fresh look.

Hang Up Some Plants!

Whether it’s vines or buckets with garden plants, a wooden or metal trellis is a great way to add the plants the homeowner wants without taking up space. A trellis allows for many plants with minimal space. If the homeowner wants a garden, but does not have the space required for one due to a small yard, a hanging trellis is the most useful when used with hanging planters. There are many DIY projects that can be found online that use other objects such as coffee cans and buckets, but overall, this option will allow for a garden without requiring as much space. Flowers and vines are also great options for adding just a little more to smaller yards, and a trellis is the way to do it without making the small space appear cluttered or messy. It a trellis does not seem to be the way to go, consider a hanging garden. All it takes is a hook, some twine, rope, or yawn and a couple of tiered baskets. This allows plants to grow with plenty of space while also providing a beautiful display for the home.

Build a Wall

A garden is not only handy, but also therapeutic to many homeowners. However, with a small yard and little space to prepare a corner for it, many homeowners find it hard to create a way to get the garden they desire most. There is a solution to this, and that is to build a crate wall with the desired plants inside. While the horizontal garden is the most popular, vertically build ones are huge space savers. Crates can allow enough sun and water through to sustain the life inside while providing a beautiful view to anyone who wanders through.

Create a Cozy Space.

Plants are not the only way to maximize a small yard. A homeowner can choose to add tile or cement with a dining or seating area to help widen the area. The use of the space creates a comfortable atmosphere that will invite guests to sit and relax in the space, which will help to make it feel more open and bigger.

There are many ways to maximize a small yard space. By hanging, stacking, and building, any homeowner can create volume, color, and depth to their yard no matter the size. For those who do not care much for plants or gardening, someone could create a patio or deck with a dining or seating area to create a cozy, warm area to make the yard feel like a large room.