We all dream about our own corner of greenery in the courtyard, where we can enjoy to the maximum and where we can rest and have fun. Even the time spent working on this won’t diminish the joy, so it is no surprise that for many people landscaping has become one of their favorite hobbies. No matter if you want to perform this task without help or you will hire some professional landscaping company it is good to have few things into consideration.
If you already have your own yard and you would like to make it look different, start by observing the landscape on your property during the summer and autumn months. Not the sun exposure, lights and shadows, soil and climate conditions, the needs of different plants for watering and how the yard looks when it’s raining. It is a good idea to write down your ideas in a log.
In this initial period, you can revive your garden by planting summer flowers, placing pots and fast growing vines. The best time to make plans about the way your garden will look or about the way you will implement different landscaping ideas is during the winter. The size of your property and its location (is it located in a plain or on a hill) affect the choice of landscaping ideas. For example, a big property can be arranged in a completely different way than a small yard and a land on the north side of a slope is different than those located on the sunny and warm south side.
It will be much more difficult to find sunny area for vegetables or lush lasting plants in a garden where there are many tall trees. Of course, you should also take care and protect your property from the looks of your neighbors or from the street. In any case, with the right knowledge you can make an attractive courtyard that can make you and your family proud. Try to respect the desires and visions of all family members.
For example, if you have kids you should definitely make a plan for a safe space for a playground which shouldn’t be difficult to maintain. Remember that small children are usually the most frequent users of the yard. In addition to the toys which are usually found in the yards (like swings, climbing structures and sandboxes), it is also a good idea to shape a lathe grassy area and surround it with robust and safe plants. Things like shrubs with thorns or sensitive flowers shouldn’t be placed near this area. In addition, is is best to completely avoid poisonous plants such as yew and Euphorbia cyparissias.
If you love flowers, try to follow every change of season with lavish blossoming. Take into account the time of blooming of certain plants and their color combination when you are planning this task. Flowers should be planted near the terrace, seating space and windows.
We hope that these ideas will help you create your personal greenery space.