Thanks to the humid subtropical climate, Charlotte is a great place for creating some incredible landscapes. People in Charlotte use all kind of plants, trees and other landscaping items that improve the appearance of their properties. However, this appearance won’t mean much once the night comes and that’s when landscape lighting comes into play.
Creative lighting will allow you to create a completely different look for your garden. The warm summer days and evening in North Carolina are perfect for hangouts with your friends on the patio or in the garden. Why miss the chance to show the beauty of your property without installing a proper lighting? Landscape lighting can significantly brighten up the look of your yard, paths or terrace in the warm evenings. For pleasant socialization in the evening on your terrace or in the garden, you can set up an interesting outdoor lighting which can be fun and glamorous in the same time.
Take your time and decide whether a soft, subtle lighting will fit your flower beds, shrubs, decks or summer houses. Also think about solar lighting which can be very practical and efficient. It is very important to adjust the lighting design to the theme of your garden. Depending on the theme, you can set up lanterns or lamps that provide discreet pr bright light or beautify the appearance of the exterior with their rustic design.
Many house owners in Charlotte have pools or ponds in their backyards. There is a really good landscape lighting solution for them and it comes in the form of an underwater lighting. In case you want to increase the effects of the lighting you can make a beautiful combination with the lighting placed in front of small fountains. Underwater lighting for ponds and small fountains can be solar so proximity to a source of electric energy is not required. A pool illuminated with underwater lighting will look truly spectacular. The lighting of an external swimming pool is a great way to add a piece of futuristic lighting in your yard. Your yard will look more attractive and you can even increase the value of your home. Brightness can be adjusted within the upper inner wall of the pool, on the outer edge of the pool and as additional lights in the grass. In this way you can get three lines of lights. The use of blue light will create a fantastic underwater ambience where you can enjoy swimming during the night.
Besides classical landscape lighting, LED lighting is getting quite popular around the world. Built-in LED lighting can be placed in both transparent and glass furniture and elements that can reflect light and increase the lighting effects. Your yard equipped with modern LED lighting will become a favorite place for hangouts with all your friends. Another interesting accessory is pots that come with LED lighting. Light-emitting pots will make your space more attractive. Make sure that the lighting doesn’t affect the peace of your neighbors. You certainly do not want to have a bright light shining in the windows of your neighbor’s house.