There are many different irrigation systems on the market – underground, semi-automatic, automatic, systems working with rotors, sprayer systems, drop-by-drop systems are only some of these systems. What they all have in common is that they provide the optimal amount of water in every part of your garden. Thanks to these systems you don’t have to worry about hot and dry summers.
Optimal water supply during dry periods (dry periods are common in winter too), greatly helps the dynamic and continuous growth of the plants in any garden. In case you want to use the drop-by-drop watering system you should know that with this system you can solve all the problems that usually occur with plants that need water supplying. This is a system that “knows” exactly when and how much water plants need. You will find out the exact amount of water you can provide in a certain period of time and in accordance with the needs of the plant you can select the duration of watering. The biggest advantage of this system which is often highlighted with companies working with these systems is the fact that the water flows in very weak streams, so that the land manages to connect and use most of the water that drains. According to many experts in this field, watering should be performed in early morning or later afternoon because in this way only a small amount of water will evaporate. In other words, the deeper layers of the soil will receive water and during the entire day this water will be available to the root system. What many experts suggest too is to use a combination of drop-by-drop system and special foil which is placed to prevent the growth of weed plants because these weeds absorb the nutrients and water from the soil. In the same time this foil is here to prevent evaporation.
Most garden plants are grown exclusively with the help of irrigation systems because this is the only way to provide freshness and beautiful look for these plants. They require a higher level of soil moisture compared with field crops, due to the less developed root system in relation to the upper part of the plant. Most plants and flowers found in the gardens have a root system with weak absorption power and they can use water from the soil only when the soil is sufficiently wet. When it comes to irrigation of yards, almost all method of irrigation are used. For example, besides the drop-by-drop system many people use the so-called sprinkling system. However, it is good to point out that the not all plant species react in the same way to all irrigation systems. In some cases, if the plants are not watered in the right way they can develop diseases. That’s why it is really important to consult with experts in this field before using any of these systems. Probably the best idea is to consult and leave this installation process to a professional company that has experience and knowledge in the local climate.