Thinking of selling or renting your home? Many times, Charlotte homeowners look to improve the inside of their homes when they decide to sell or rent, however, many forget to improve the look of the outside landscape. Keeping your landscaping up to date and tidy will not only help rent or sell your home, it can also increase the overall value of your home! (Hyatt Landscaping is a highly rated Landscaping company in Charlotte NC — if you are ready to sell your home, rent your home, or even just want to spruce up its curb appeal, contact us by clicking here for a Free Estimate.)

Here are three quick gardening tips that will increase the value of your home (and curb appeal) significantly:

Keep your front yard and back yard tidy, free of weeds, and free of debris.  If your yard is looking like it’s choked with out-of-control undesirable plants, potential homebuyers will likely give you a lowball offer on your home.  Keep trees and shrubs trimmed, remove any junk in the yard, pull out all the weeds, and if possible, spread some new mulch on the flower beds if you don’t have time to plant anything.  Failing to do this type of basic maintenance can decrease your home’s value by a whopping ten percent.

Take the time to get your lawn green.  Fill in any bare patches to make sure the yard looks lush, and don’t forget to keep the grass short and make sure the edges are done properly so everything looks sharp and precise.  If you don’t do the edges properly, it will look slovenly, decreasing the value of the property.  It may take quite a bit of work if your lawn is looking rough, but in the long run a few hours of hard labor will pay off significantly, raising the value of your house by thousands of dollars.

Add color to the flower beds by planting flowers or shrubs that are appropriate to your home’s architecture.  If you have a cottage-type home, don’t plant something that will look more appropriate in front of a modernist building.  To make sure that you plant something that will look terrific and attract offers.

The gardening you’ll need to do to increase the value of your home doesn’t need to be complicated:  just keep the yard tidy, make sure the lawn is in good condition, and if you have the time, add color by planting flowers that will match the style of your house.

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