Pool drainage is important for a few very simple reasons. Hyatt Landscaping specializes in Landscaping and Drainage Services. Click here to learn more about our Drainage services.

The first reason proper pool drainage is important is because prolonged storage of water in the pool that hasn’t been changed could accumulate dangerous amounts of Total Dissolved Solids, especially in the summers when temperatures are very warm. The humidity as well as the other weather conditions combine to elevate the evaporation rate in the swimming pool. This could lead to the dissipation of hydrogen which could leave behind dangerous minerals instead. The total dissolved solids remain in the water, thus could be dangerous to the next individual jumping in. This is why regular and timely replenishment of water in swimming pools is necessary.

Secondly, a swimming pool that hasn’t been drained will accumulate any number of external materials like leaves, dirt, chemicals from the air, calcium levels might elevate due to an unclean pool and so on. These objects can not only make your pool look utterly disgusting, but accumulate the worst kind of bacterias. This is highly dangerous since anyone could jump into the pool even as an accident. It is also a factor because the level of bacteria can be varied as per the weather. Regardless of whether it is summer time or winter, the bacteria will multiply and might cause damage to whoever decides to touch the water.

Another reason that a pool might need draining is during its repair or resurfacing. There are certain guidelines that need to be followed when a pool is being drained, such as, being careful about leaving the water near the surface as it could seep into the nearby borders of the pool and weaken its foundation. People have been known to drain pools whenever refurbishment is required. Paint in the pool can sometimes peel if it hasn’t been drained for a long time, thus could cause damage to the whole object, being quite damaging to it in the long run. This needs to be avoided with proper pool drainage. The pool needs to be dried off before it is painted or refurbished again to avoid accidents, and to ensure any bacteria is removed entirely from it.

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