There are a number of ways that can lead you to making an aesthetically pleasant lawn by fusing natural beauty and serenity with luxury and comfort of your home; like planting different types of flowers to add vibrancy, aeration to make it look cleaner and adding hardscapes to reduce the amount of water used in planting yet maintaining a colorful yard.

Mentioned below are some of the many ways where you can use a mix and match of different things to creating a stunningly beautiful lawn. There goes the list.

Plant New Flowers: Lavender Munstead

If you are planning to plant Lavenders in your yard lately, these mini plugs can be a good choice to doing so. Its light blue flowers resting on the green stem give a vintage English country touch to the lawn. Plus, the sensual smell it gives off can trick anyone for British flowers. Plant them in a particular area and they will accent the overall look of your yard.

Seed And Aerate

Aeration might not yield desired results if the soil is not moistened properly. To make sure you nail it, water the yard for at least 1-2 days before aeration so that the soil can absorb the right amount of water. Also, you need to be vigilant while watering to avoid any runoffs, which can ultimately damage the plantation. To give you a slight idea about the sufficient quantity, let me tell you that nearly one inch of water can easily do the job.

Adding a Fence

Either you want to keep stray animals away from your yard or like it private, placing fences work both ways. Fences come in a plethora of designs with narrow or wide slats. Narrow slats could act as a psychological barrier only while using taller, firmer and huge planks can certainly enclose the yard exclusively for you.

Creating a picture perfect yard isn’t a nerve-wracking job. It requires only a little aesthetic sense and the prowess to play with colors astutely to having an enchanted area inside your home.